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Although Huawei mate50 is not as good as Apple in some technologies, it has worked hard to support the domestic supply chain

Posting time:2022-12-06 00:33:16

Although Huawei mate50 is not as good as Apple in some technologies, it has worked hard to support the domestic supply chain

After the release of Huawei mate50, it has sparked controversy among all parties. There are many technical comparisons between it and Apple's iPhone14. Of course, due to well-known reasons, the mate50 lags behind the iPhone14 in many technical aspects, but it cannot erase its advantages, that is, it is Efforts to prop up the domestic supply chain. Although Huawei mate50 uses Qualcomm's 4G chip Snapdragon 8G1+, other chips and mobile phone components are using domestic components as much as possible to provide support for the development of the domestic supply chain, which is precisely where it is valuable. It is reported that mate50 uses domestic Kunlun glass, BOE and Visionox OLED panels, RF chips, memory chips, etc. all use domestic components as much as possible. Domestic chips or components account for more than 50% of mate50. It can be said that it is among the domestic mobile phones. The mobile phone with the highest localization rate. Technically, mate50 also has new technologies such as XMAGE imaging, satellite communication and low-power usage, which are all new technologies that are being actively developed in China, especially satellite communication technology, which involves the competition of 6G technology. mate50 is the first to introduce domestically produced Satellite communication technology can support the development of domestic satellite communication technology and open up the way for the domestic communication industry to explore 6G technology. It can be said that on the basis of Huawei's existing conditions, mate50 has provided the best products to domestic consumers as much as possible, and has made every effort to support the development of domestic supply chains and domestic high-tech. The original intention of developing domestic industries and technologies is worthy of praise. Previously, the overseas industry had instilled the concept of the global supply chain taking advantage of each other and jointly developing the most advanced technologies and products. However, since 2019, the domestic industry has finally realized that this kind of free trade is still limited. Once it reaches a certain stage , the development of our manufacturing industry still has to rely on itself. Apple’s practice in the past two years has made the Chinese industry chain fully understand the importance of common development. Oufeiguang has been kicked out of the supply chain by Apple, resulting in a sharp decline in performance and even losses. BOE has made huge profits from supplying OLED panels for Apple, but it has It is technically limited by Apple to a certain range. Luxshare Precision, Lens Technology, etc. have provided Apple with original parts and services to obtain a lot of income, but they are forced by Apple to invest heavily in research and development. However, the experience of GTAT, a sapphire glass company in the United States, shows that the company Taking risks to develop technology for Apple may not pay off. All of these make the domestic industry chain understand that only domestic companies are truly developing with them, while overseas companies only want to obtain the fruits of technological research and development but are unwilling to take risks. Under such circumstances, the supply chain is now beginning to strengthen cooperation with domestic mobile phone and other brand companies. The importance of cooperation is reflected in the fact that today's mate50 uses components from the domestic supply chain. The P50 Pro launched by Huawei in 2021 cannot support 5G due to the lack of 5G RF chips monopolized by the United States and Japan. After more than a year, domestic companies have developed domestic RF chips and filters, and the mate50 is quickly adopted, which will accelerate The technological breakthrough of the domestic supply chain will further stimulate the domestic supply chain to strengthen technology research and development for brand enterprises such as domestic mobile phones and break the gap. Huawei's approach also provides an example for other domestic mobile phone brands, indicating that the domestic supply chain does not have the technical strength to develop advanced technology, but is worried that the advanced technology they have developed with all their strength cannot be adopted by domestic enterprises, which will promote more domestic mobile phones. The brand supports the domestic supply chain. In general, the mate50 should not be criticized just because it is inferior to the iPhone 14 in some technical aspects, but should see its significance to the domestic supply chain, enhance the confidence in the cooperation between the domestic supply chain and domestic enterprises, and form an alliance of interests for common development. , so as to realize the independence of the domestic supply chain as soon as possible and enhance the strength of technology research and development. This is the positive significance brought by mate50.

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