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Cook's money-making idea, discontinuing the iPhone 13 Pro forces users to buy the more expensive iPhone 14

Posting time:2022-12-06 01:45:44

Cook's money-making idea, discontinuing the iPhone 13 Pro forces users to buy the more expensive iPhone 14

Foreign media pointed out that Apple has issued an order to the foundry to stop the production of the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. This move is likely to be an attempt to force users to buy the iPhone 14 and promote the sales of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, thereby making more profits. Apple’s strategy this year is quite peculiar, that is, the low-end version of the iPhone 14 is almost a replica of the iPhone 13. As a result, the iPhone 14 is not worthy of consumers’ choice, and consumers will choose the more affordable old iPhone 13. After all, according to the previous strategy, Apple should Reduce the price of the old iPhone 13, and the iPhone 13 Pro is better than the iPhone 14 and more cost-effective than the iPhone 14 Pro. However, Apple obviously took this into consideration and discontinued the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max with good battery life and performance. Therefore, if users want to buy an affordable iPhone with good battery life, they can only choose the iPhone 14; if they want to buy an iPhone with better performance, they can only buy more expensive ones. The iPhone 14 Pro has been released, thereby boosting the sales of the iPhone 14. This trick has actually been used on the iPhone 13. In the past, when Apple released a new iPhone, it would sell the old iPhone at a reduced price. However, after the release of the iPhone 13, the price of the iPhone 12 did not drop as expected. During the 618 period, the maximum price of the iPhone 13 was reduced by 1201 yuan, which was much larger than that of the iPhone 12, which effectively promoted the sales of the iPhone 13. This year's iPhone 14 is not innovative. During the pre-sale, only 15% of users chose the iPhone 14, and more than 80% of the users bought the iPhone 14 Pro. Cook, who is good at wielding scissors, thought of the move to stop the production of the iPhone 13 Pro, so that users who want to buy an affordable iPhone can Only the iPhone 14 can be selected, thereby helping Apple to make more profits. Since Apple's current CEO Tim Cook took office, Apple's innovation ability has been declining. In 2019, chief designer Ive also left. Now that the technical experts left by Jobs have left seven or eighty-eight, Apple's innovation ability is even better. Weak, and even now Apple is more and more imitating Android. The so-called innovation of this year's iPhone14 Pro, many of them have the shadow of Android phones. The Apple pill screen design is actually the hole-digging screen that Android phones have adopted many years ago. Smart island, interest screen display, dynamic refresh rate, etc. are all Android phones. The technologies already adopted by mobile phones all highlight that today's Apple is only optimizing the technologies that Android phones have already adopted, and it gradually loses the ability to create new technologies by itself. Apple's gradual inability to innovate, but it did not affect Apple's development. On the contrary, under Cook's leadership, Apple's performance continued to hit new highs. Even though iPhone sales continued to decline from 2016 to 2019, Apple's performance was still rising. Drive Apple's market value to a record $3 trillion, which shows that Cook does have unique skills in business operations. Today's iPhone 14 may succeed again under Cook's scissors method. This time the pre-sale iPhone 14 Pro is very popular. More than 80% of users buy the iPhone 14 Pro, and the profit level of the iPhone 14 Pro may exceed that of the iPhone 13. Apple's performance is expected So a new high. In general, although Cook's approach has been criticized, he can always grasp the psychology of consumers and promote the sales of iPhone 14, thereby promoting the growth of Apple's performance. This is success. As for the ability to innovate, he has been criticized. , In fact, it is not important. For enterprises, making money is the biggest achievement and the main goal.

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