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Li Yifeng is "cold", endorsements are mad, and the commercial map is greatly exposed

Posting time:2022-12-06 01:05:53

Li Yifeng is "cold", endorsements are mad, and the commercial map is greatly exposed

In the past two days, the Internet has been too lively, and another star in the entertainment industry has collapsed! As a bystander, Sister Fox was really surprised while eating melons, what else? It is so! Today, Humei will sort out the ins and outs of this matter for those who haven't had time to eat the melon. On September 11, the hot search of "Li Yifeng was detained for prostitution for many times" caused public opinion on the Internet. Note that the official report was that Li Yifeng had visited prostitutes many times and confessed to it. It was a habitual offender. As a first-line traffic star, Li Yifeng has previously endorsed many well-known brands. As soon as the news of being arrested for prostitution came out, Li Yifeng was blocked by several brands that night. On the evening of September 11, the official Weibo account of Zhenguoli said that the brand of Zhenguoli will terminate all cooperative relations with Li Yifeng from now on. Subsequently, Kyoto Nianci An also issued a statement to terminate all cooperative relations with Li Yifeng from now on. Immediately afterwards, brands such as Luk Fook Jewelry, Remy Martin, Kyoto Nianci Temple, HONMA Golf, watch brand Panerai, Wang Li Security, Duck Duck Down Jacket and other brands also issued statements through official Weibo, saying that they terminated the brand cooperation relationship with Li Yifeng. Liepin, whose contract has expired, also emptied Li Yifeng's related publicity Weibo. At the same time, major brands and manufacturers are urgently withdrawing promotional Weibo, cooperation posters and other materials related to Li Yifeng. So far, many brands have completed the cutting with Li Yifeng. In addition to the termination of endorsement brands, Li Yifeng's related works and honors have also been removed or cancelled. Li Yifeng's "Best Actor in China" title is gone. According to the official Weibo news of the Huading Awards, in May 2017, when Li Yifeng participated in the 22nd Huading Awards in Suzhou, he signed the "Declaration of Social Responsibility and Self-discipline of Chinese Performing Artists". It seems a bit ironic now, signing a declaration of self-discipline, only to break the law. Music platforms such as QQ Music and NetEase Cloud Music have also removed Li Yifeng's music works, including the out-of-the-circle "Sword Injury", which has also been unchecked. Even the alma mater, the Film and Television School of Sichuan Normal University, quickly removed the posters of Li Yifeng's outstanding alumni. I have to say that the speed of Sichuan Film is a bit fast. Hu Mei, who had been eating melon all night, saw this series of cancellations and takedowns, and she couldn't help feeling that she was really watching him raise a high-rise building, seeing him banqueting guests, and seeing his building collapse, and the generation of traffic came to an end. With the heated discussion of netizens and the fermentation of public opinion, Li Yifeng's business map was also exposed. The Tianyancha APP shows that Li Yifeng is associated with a total of 7 companies, and 4 of them are still in existence, including Shanghai Fengyan Cultural Media Center, Shanghai Fenglu Cultural Media Center, Shanghai Li Yifeng Film and Television Culture Studio, and Dongyang Hengdian Li Yifeng Film and Television Studio. The above four companies are all sole proprietorships of Li Yifeng. Interestingly, the other three companies were only cancelled this year, and the cancellation time was in March and April this year. *Photo source Tianyancha As a first-line star in the entertainment industry and the owner of many companies, Li Yifeng is naturally "more fortune and more than 100 million yuan" and earns a lot of money. According to public information, Li Yifeng has been on the Forbes China Celebrity List for many times. In 2015 Forbes China Celebrity List, Li Yifeng ranked ninth with an income of 69 million yuan. In 2020, Li Yifeng once again appeared on the Forbes China Celebrity List, ranking 43rd, but this time he did not disclose his specific income. It is worth mentioning that Li Yifeng was also suspected of a financial fraud of hundreds of millions of yuan in the A-share listed company Huanrui Century. In 2014, Li Yifeng, who had debuted for six years, signed with Huan Rui Century, and then starred in Huan Rui's "Gu Jian Qi Tan" actor opportunity, and became an instant hit. With the resource tilt and traffic support of Huanrui Century, Li Yifeng has become one of the first-line stars. In 2015, Li Yifeng borrowed 18 million yuan from Huanrui Century to buy real estate. However, in the annual report of Huanrui, there was no information on the occupation of funds. In the face of doubts, Huanrui replied that the loan was a loan from Huanrui Film and Television and its artists, its internal audit did not need to go through a listed company, there was no obligation to disclose it but it was not disclosed in time, and the loan was Returned in January 2017. It doesn't matter if you don't understand, Sister Hu will tell everyone in human words. In layman's terms, Huanrui Century was found to be involved in financial fraud by the China Securities Regulatory Commission and was given administrative penalties, and Li Yifeng was also involved in borrowing 18 million yuan. Humei remembered that Li Yifeng was also on the hot search because of this matter at that time, but she did not expect that the times had changed, but now the hot search entries were detained many times for whoring prostitutes. It is really embarrassing that Li Yifeng has been reduced from a first-line star to the current situation of ruin. From the initial denial to the subsequent police report, it all confirms the truth that paper cannot hold fire, and if you make a mistake, you must bear the consequences. Stars in the entertainment industry stand under the spotlight, enjoying the love of fans and high salary income. It is easy to get carried away, but it does not mean that they can be reckless and ignore legal authority. On the contrary, as a public figure, you should pay more attention to your words and deeds and convey positive values. After all, one should learn morality before learning art, and be a person before acting. Reference material: Chengdu Business Daily: Inventory of Li Yifeng's business map: He once entered the Forbes list with 69 million people a year, and was involved in the financial fraud storm of hundreds of millions of Rui Century Weekly Times: Penalty! Huanrui Century’s financial fraud was 225 million, including Li Yifeng’s 18 million Weibo screenshot editor: Mai Xin

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