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Discussion | Will iPhone 14 Pro Max still be the mobile phone with the strongest battery life?

Posting time:2022-12-06 02:20:11

Discussion | Will iPhone 14 Pro Max still be the mobile phone with the strongest battery life?

We know that after the launch of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, it once became the existence of the battery life chart. We have also analyzed why this phone has a battery capacity that is not as large as everyone thinks, but has a strong battery life performance, even surpassing Android phones for a time. In fact, for Apple, the battery capacity of this phone should be the largest battery capacity of an Apple phone at the time. There is a full 4352mAh, so such a large battery capacity does improve the battery life of the mobile phone and makes the battery life of the Apple mobile phone to a higher level. Of course, the A15 processor owned by this phone uses TSMC's 5nm process to generate heat, with smaller power consumption and lower power consumption, resulting in stronger performance and higher power saving efficiency. In addition, the stability and security brought by the iOS15 system of this mobile phone are relatively strong, and the degree of system optimization is relatively high. The overall battery life performance is indeed better because of system factors. What we need to mention here is the fake memory of the Apple phone itself, that is to say, the phone itself looks like the background processor is running, but in fact the tail background it owns will reduce the operation of part of the software of the phone, allowing the phone to run. The power is better stabilized. Of course, there is another point, we must understand that the promotion adaptive refresh rate used by this mobile phone itself can make the refresh rate effect of the mobile phone switch from 0 to 120 Hz at will, which can better save power! So now we see a decline in the battery capacity of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The battery capacity of 4323mAh is a decline compared to the 13 Pro Max. So in this case, will the battery capacity of this phone and its battery life be the peak value again? Let's take a look at the official data. We found the streaming video playback, audio playback, etc. to be the same, only it added an hour to the video playback. This shows that the battery life of this phone itself exceeds that of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. In fact, we can also understand that, after all, this mobile phone uses the latest A16 processor made of 4nm process, which will naturally bring a stronger advantage of deficient cold and lower power consumption. For our users, we can indeed enjoy stronger performance, but also feel the advantages of its low power consumption. And the degree of optimization brought by this phone under the iOS16 system is naturally more than the iOS15 system. Therefore, I think the battery life of this phone itself may show a stronger performance. Although many people do not have mobile phones now, I believe that it may continue to dominate the list and become the current top battery life mobile phone. Sadly, though, the phone weighs an additional two grams, so Apple may really be giving me something to lose when it comes to weight.

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