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What happens when our faces become passports?

Posting time:2023-02-05 09:11:14

What happens when our faces become passports?

Are we unknowingly passing a privacy milestone? Computer science professor Ken Perlin wrote on his blog: "Recently, I've been traveling internationally. I have the Global Traveller option, so I can go directly to a machine and put in my passport, take my I pointed my face at the camera and got a piece of paper and handed it to the immigration officer. But I was really tired on the flight. So I forgot to put my passport in the slot - just posed for the camera. But it worked. It said I was me, I handed it over to the immigration officer, and I was done. It seems that just my picture was enough to identify me." What will happen What about things? In a follow-up blog post, Perlin provides an example of imagining a professor looking at a new class already knowing everyone's name, what their interests are, their date of birth, and whether they play an instrument. In other words, being able to know too much about them. Perlin wrote: "In my opinion, this is not a good thing. However, this may be the future we are about to dive into. I think we should think about it. We now take it for granted that when people look at us They don't know everything about us right away. I'm not sure this particular right to privacy is something we should be willing to give up."

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