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Experience fun driving fun Sony toio Mini Steering Wheel™ Theme Review

Posting time:2022-12-06 01:41:34

Experience fun driving fun Sony toio Mini Steering Wheel™ Theme Review

Sony toio™ has been launched in China for a year. This is a creative robot that can accompany children to grow together. Previously, Sony toio™ had a total of four themes, including "Go! Explore the World of Programming™" for programming thinking learning; "Gesundroid™" for bionic learning; "Play Music Pico Kids Together" for music creation ™” and “Strategy Arena™” for decision making. Today, Sony toio™ brings a brand new theme - "toio Mini Steering Wheel™". If you're new to the Sony toio™ Creative Robot Kit, take a look back at our review of it last year. Make education more fun by entertaining and entertaining Sony toio™ Creative Robot Kit Review Mini Steering Wheel™ is a fun driving experience kit based on paper command cards, The steering wheel is simulated by Sony toio™, and the Q Bao is used as a vehicle to simulate driving. It can cultivate children's reflexes and hand-eye coordination through games, help children establish a sense of rules, and can also cultivate the ability of logical thinking and judgment. grow in the game. Toio Mini Steering Wheel™ Theme Introduction The toio Mini Steering Wheel™ theme includes program cards, bodywork, license cards, fun operation pads, stickers for mini-game mode, and a driving guide manual. You can follow the prompts and refer to the instructions in the driving guide manual when you first play the game. It is very easy even for beginners to get started. During the game, the control ring of the Sony toio™ will be used as a steering wheel. By matching the Q treasure with different bodies, the Q treasure can play different vehicles. After the combination is completed, we can play the game on the fun operation pad. The fun operation pad is double-sided design, one side is the city operation pad, which is used to simulate the urban road environment, and the other side is the racing field operation pad, which can let Q Bao gallop on it during the competition. Toio Mini Steering Wheel™ Operation Introduction The toio Mini Steering Wheel™ theme game needs to insert the program card into the Sony toio™ device first, and connect the blue control ring to set the game. Toio Mini Steering Wheel™ Operation Mode toio Mini Steering Wheel™ Game Demo During the game, we need to make sure that the control ring is in an upright state, the transparent key on the control ring is the accelerator to control the car played by Q Bao to move forward, and the number 2 key is the brake and The reverse button, if you want to turn, you only need to turn the control ring, the operation is very simple, and children can get started very quickly. For the first game test, you need to complete the driver's license acquisition according to the prompts. The so-called driver's license acquisition is a simple game tutorial that can help children master the operation of the toio Mini Steering Wheel™ faster. In the [toio Mini Steering Wheel™ Driver Program] manual, there are detailed tutorials and gameplay introductions. During the game, Sony toio™ will also prompt players to open a certain page of the manual and follow the tutorial to complete the game. Game experience In the city mission mode, we can play single-player games, and complete the corresponding tasks according to the prompted steps, including delivery tasks, tour tasks, traction tasks and official tasks. Each task has different requirements. For example, the distribution task needs to drive the vehicle into a certain location as required, load the goods, and deliver it to the task location. The towing task is to use the towing vehicle to tow the vehicle in need of repair to the repair shop. Demonstration of towing tasks and demonstration of official tasks can let children experience different fun, and through game modes such as delivery of goods at designated locations, trailers and vehicle chases, children's logical thinking can be cultivated. On the racing field operation pad, you can play the game of speed PK, and two vehicles can compete in speed competition to stimulate children's fighting spirit. During the game, we can customize the vehicle through the setting function on the back of the license card. You can choose tires, speed and vehicle skills. Whether you are playing on the city operation pad or the racing circuit operation pad, different choices will make the vehicle Have a different operating experience. In addition to playing games on the operation pad, we can also set the track by ourselves. The stickers in the toio Mini Steering Wheel™ theme can be pasted on the track we built ourselves. When the vehicle drives on the sticker, the corresponding operation will also be performed. , so that self-built tracks can also be full of fun. When the vehicle runs to the rotating stickers, the rotating action will also occur. These stickers can be pasted on the self-built track to increase the difficulty and fun of the game. The toio Mini Steering Wheel™ kit also supports free driving, just like a traditional remote control car, driving according to the user's instructions. In conclusion, the toio Mini Steering Wheel™ theme has a variety of ways to play and is full of fun, allowing children to expand freely and have fun in creation. At the same time, as a fun driving experience kit, toio Mini Steering Wheel™ can also allow children to get a more realistic driving experience and enjoy the fun of galloping in the game. Today, the Sony toio Mini Steering Wheel™ theme is officially on sale, priced at 799 yuan, and the Sony toio™ creative robot kit is priced at 1999 yuan. With the addition of the toio Mini Steering Wheel™, the number of toio™ themes has been increased to 5, including "Go! Explore the Programming World™", "Gesundroid™ Work Creatures", "Play Music Pico Kids™", "Strategy Competitive Games" Field™” and the newly released “toio Mini Steering Wheel™”, the toio™ theme family needs to be used with the Sony toio™ machine kit to specifically cultivate children’s programming thinking, creative bionic thinking, music creation thinking, decision-making ability and rules Feeling, let the children grow up in the game.

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