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Fixed file! With rich themes, starlight gathering, and much-anticipated National Day cinemas, many blockbusters are coming

Posting time:2023-03-26 10:36:44

Fixed file! With rich themes, starlight gathering, and much-anticipated National Day cinemas, many blockbusters are coming

Here we go, many new films are set! These films are rich in subject matter, bright spots, and starlight, which are highly anticipated! "Homecoming", "Ordinary Heroes", "The King of the Sky" and "Iron Will" announced that they will be released nationwide on September 30, officially entering the National Day archives.

"King of the Sky" focuses on Air Force test pilots

Director: Liu Xiaoshi Starring: Wang Yibo, Hu Jun, Yu Shi, Zhou Dongyu Time: On September 30, "King of the Sky" focuses on the air force test pilot group in the new era, showing the arduous process of the birth of the most advanced fighter jets. In the face of the air threat from other countries' new fighter jets, it is the mission of becoming a test pilot to accelerate the development of air power and to test out a new generation of our country's stealth fighter jets. To this end, Lei Yu and other outstanding pilots rushed to the test flight career without hesitation. In the face of the challenges and dangers that followed, they used time and again to break through their own limits to escort the birth of a great power. In the trailer, a variety of new fighter planes made a shocking appearance, roaring into the sky, and all kinds of extreme actions were carried out in one go, which made people feel excited. On the posters released together, the flight test team led by Lei Yu and Zhang Ting and the aviation doctor Shen Tianran are ready to go. They will sharpen their swords with the fighter behind them, just to protect the sky.

"The Journey Home" discloses the behind-the-scenes story of the evacuation of diplomats

Director: Rao Xiaozhi Starring: Zhang Yi, Wang Junkai, Yin Tao Release date: September 30 "The Journey Home" "Adapted from real events, the behind-the-scenes stories of diplomats' evacuation are far more thrilling and difficult than news reports. In the film, Zong Dawei, a diplomat played by Zhang Yi, and Cheng Lang, a new diplomat played by Wang Junkai, went retrograde and went deep into the war zone to rescue the trapped compatriots led by Bai Hua, played by Yin Tao. The director Rao Xiaozhi, who gained a high reputation with "The Unknown" and "The Crowd", continued his consistent style of realism in "The Way Back", and Guo Fan served as the film's producer. In the previously released trailers and short video materials, the documentary sense and immersion of the film have been recognized by many people. It is reported that in order to truly restore the evacuation of overseas Chinese, the crew not only consulted a lot of information on the story, studied related reportage, visited real characters, carefully polished every detail, and tried their best to pursue authenticity in the behind-the-scenes production. In order to restore the exotic scenery, director Rao Xiaozhi spent half a year scouting around the country. The crew built foreign buildings 1:1, consulted materials to study local customs, and also brought hundreds of coconut trees and palm trees from other places to restore vegetation.

"Ordinary Hero" is based on true stories

Director: Chen Guohui Starring: Li Bingbing, Feng Shaofeng, Huang Xiaoming Release time: September 30 "Ordinary Hero" is based on "Salvation" Adapted from the true story of Rescue the Broken Arm Boy in Hotan, Xinjiang". The film tells the story of a 6-year-old Xinjiang boy who broke his arm in an accident. Doctors, crew members, passengers, police and other people from all walks of life worked together to challenge the time limit, helping him successfully complete the treatment across 1,400 kilometers within the golden 8 hours and create life together. Miracles, compose a hymn of ordinary heroes. How ordinary workers from various positions can seamlessly complete this difficult life delivery task is the biggest highlight of this film. Director Chen Guohui said in an interview, "When the little boy was connected to the blood vessel, there were only 13 minutes left before the 8-hour limit." Li Bingbing, who played the purser, recalled: "The props on the scene were very realistic, and my scalp tingled when I saw it." But as the purser in the film, she told herself that she must persevere, "You have to bear all the burdens. responsibility". Feng Shaofeng was deeply moved by the communication with the prototype doctor, and the two became friends. Feng Shaofeng believes that it is "a very meaningful thing" to play an ordinary hero who is so close to life. Huang Xiaoming also carefully studied every operational detail with the prototype captain on the set, practiced jargon and technical operations repeatedly, and tried to restore the role of the captain in detail. "The heroic captain is there, and it seems that I am him when performing.

"Iron Will" creates a group portrait of steel workers

Director: Ning Haiqiang Starring: Liu Ye, Han Xue, Lin Yongjian Release time: September 30 "Iron Will" Also adapted from real events, it is the first time on the big screen to tell the arduous journey of Ansteel employees overcoming many obstacles and producing the first batch of molten iron in the shortest time. The film creates a group portrait of steel workers, including the courageous and tenacious fighting hero Zhao Tiechi (played by Liu Ye), the conscientious steel worker Meng Tai (played by Lin Yongjian), the beautiful and intelligent engineer Sun Xuefei (played by Han Xue), and the calm and sophisticated Cheng Shixun (played by Lin Yongjian). Zhang Guoqiang (played by Zhang Guoqiang)...In the movie, these characters are not born with steel and iron bones, they will also be confused and distressed, but for the firm belief of a steel power, they have not only overcome various external difficulties, but also completed their own tempering and sublimation . The movie "Iron Will" is not only the growth history of the steel industry, but also the growth history of the steel workers.

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