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Apple iPhone folding screen engineering machine exposure, both horizontal and vertical

Posting time:2023-03-26 11:10:46

Apple iPhone folding screen engineering machine exposure, both horizontal and vertical

On the morning of September 23rd, digital blogger @陰Digital broke the news that Apple is developing a folding screen model. At present, the R&D department already has two engineering machines with folding screens, which are the two popular horizontal folding and clamshell folding screens. model. According to reports, the screen size of the large-screen folding mobile phone stacked horizontally is 8.9 inches, which is equivalent to the size of two ProMax flats, but it has not yet been determined. Inch size, there is no secondary screen after folding. As for the color matching of the mobile phone, it is currently being selected, and it will probably take May next year to determine the final version. (The picture comes from the Internet) Tianfeng International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has previously said that Apple is testing a 9-inch foldable display device, similar to the iPhone and iPad and hybrids, but he believes that the iPhone foldable screen is unlikely to be in the market. Launched before 2025, the specific situation depends on Apple, after all, this is only a prediction. According to his prediction, he believes that Apple's current foldable products are concentrated on medium-sized devices, followed by devices with larger displays, and finally the small iPhone devices. It was previously reported that Apple is working with LG to develop a foldable OLED display panel with an ultra-thin cover glass for future Apple tablets and laptops. (The picture comes from the Internet) and Apple's recently announced new patent "self-healing" is also aimed at folding products, avoiding damage to folding devices as much as possible. Editor's comment: According to the current development of mobile phones, folding screens may become mainstream, but this requires long-term development and continuous updating of supply chain technology. The current folding screen still needs to be further improved, and it is expected that Apple and other manufacturers will have better products in the future.

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