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High-value Coca-Cola car refrigerator 299 yuan

Posting time:2023-02-02 06:50:22

High-value Coca-Cola car refrigerator 299 yuan

The product I recommend to you today is the car home mini refrigerator from the official Coca-Cola authorized store. It is a dual-use refrigerator for car and home, and you can also prepare one in the office. This refrigerator can be cooled or heated, so that during camping and self-driving tours, we can drink iced cola, drink hot milk tea, and also freeze the ingredients we need. With a capacity of 9L, you can put 12 cans of 330ml cola or 6 bottles of 550ml cola. Now, this refrigerator is on sale on Jingdong, the current price is 328 yuan. (8022866)

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