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Xiaomi humidifier is only 99 yuan

Posting time:2023-03-26 04:21:09

Xiaomi humidifier is only 99 yuan

This Xiaomi humidifier is currently priced at 99 yuan on Jingdong, and friends who like it should not miss it. This humidifier adopts a large-capacity design of 4L, which can be humidified for a long time after adding water to meet the needs of daily use. At the same time, this humidifier adopts the method of adding water on top, which can complete the water adding operation without bending over when in use, which will be more convenient to use. And the mist outlet of this Xiaomi humidifier adopts a 360-degree rotatable design, which can adjust the direction without rotating the water tank. Finally, this humidifier is also equipped with water shortage protection measures, which can automatically detect the water level when working, and automatically stop working when there is a shortage of water. Overall, this Xiaomi humidifier has a good price/performance ratio and is recommended to buy. (8024785)

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