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ZOL Technology Breakfast: Honor X Series "Family Bucket" Released, NetEase Graphics Cards Available

Posting time:2023-03-26 10:11:17

ZOL Technology Breakfast: Honor X Series "Family Bucket" Released, NetEase Graphics Cards Available

On the morning of September 16th, the technology news pushed for you 01 Honor X series "Family Bucket" released Honor autumn new product launch conference, Honor X40, Honor Notebook Honor MagicBook V 14 2022 and the new Honor MagicBook X 14&16 2022, Honor Tablet X The X series "Family Bucket" composed of new products was officially released. Honor MagicBook V 14 2022 starts at 6199 yuan, Honor Magic X14/X16 2022 starts at 4699 yuan, Honor X40 starts at 1499 yuan, Honor Tablet X8 starts at 1199 yuan, and Honor's personal choice Shihaiweijia children's watch is 329 yuan??? Honor Earbuds X3 Bluetooth headset 249 yuan , 410 yuan less than the official original price. The one that can save the most is the iPhone 14 512GB version, priced at 8,089 yuan, which is 610 yuan less than the official original price. 03 Netease graphics cards are on the shelves, RTX 3060 sells for 2799 yuan. Netease's carefully selected JD store has two NetEase co-branded game graphics cards on the shelves, namely the RTX 3060 12G Deluxe Edition, priced at 2799 yuan; the RTX 3070 Ti 8G performance version, priced at 4499 yuan. Graphics cards are produced by Colorful and provide on-site after-sales service. 04 The daily income of the WeChat mini-game "Sheep and A Sheep" reached 4.68 million yuan. Ma Huateng responded to the screenshots from the Internet, showing that the income of the "Sheep and A Sheep" mini-game reached more than 4.68 million yuan on September 14, and this month's income was as high as more than 25.65 million yuan. The screenshot of the Moments shows that Tencent Ma Huateng commented at the bottom of the relevant Moments, "It was verified that it was faked by PS." 05 NIO mobile phones will take the high-end route. At present, there are no mobile phone-related patent bloggers who broke the news that NIO mobile phones could have been released this year. It was released before the end of the year, but because Li Bin pursued the high-end route, it was postponed to next year. Qichacha shows that Weilai Mobile Technology Co., Ltd., an affiliate of Weilai Mobile, was established on August 4 this year. Its legal representative is Qin Lihong and is wholly-owned by Nio Nextev Limited. The company currently has no patents related to Weilai mobile phones. Trademark Information. (8018607)

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