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67W super flash charge, long-lasting high energy, OPPO K10x officially released

Posting time:2023-03-26 10:26:33

67W super flash charge, long-lasting high energy, OPPO K10x officially released

On September 16, OPPO officially released the new product OPPO K10x. As another new member of the OPPO K10 family, OPPO K10x will become a very competitive model in the thousand-yuan range with its fast flash charging experience and long-lasting battery life. At the same time, OPPO, together with the famous Finnish game developer Supercell, and its classic action mobile game "Wild Fight", released a limited-edition OPPO K10 series of wild fighting joint gift boxes. Super battery life combination to create a full-scene experience OPPO K10x is equipped with a 5000mAh large-capacity battery and 67W super flash charge to create a thousand-yuan super battery life combination. The large-capacity battery can bring up to 1.3 days of battery life on a single charge. Say goodbye to battery anxiety and achieve freedom of battery life. At the same time, the OPPO 67W super flash charging solution can charge from 1% to 80% in 33 minutes. Even when the battery is seriously low, it can quickly revive the phone with full blood. At the same time of fast charging, safety protection is also required. OPPO K10x adopts intelligent five-core security protection, through flash charging identification, interface overload and other protection measures, from the charging head to the interface to the internal battery of the mobile phone, to create an all-round safe and intimate charging environment for users. Powerful combination of performance to create a smooth gaming experience OPPO K10x is equipped with a 120Hz LCD high refresh screen and Qualcomm Snapdragon 6955G mobile platform, whether it is games, watching dramas or daily use, strive to create a natural, non-sensing, silky smooth experience for users . In addition, OPPO K10x adopts a diamond intelligent cooling system, 4 different heat dissipation materials and 4 temperature sensors. While the mobile phone is dissipating heat, it can sense the temperature of the mobile phone in real time and perform intelligent temperature control, which greatly improves the temperature control effect of the mobile phone. The super heat dissipation capability of OPPO K10x allows players to deal with it calmly and output lasting high energy calmly even when running large-scale games with high load. In addition to the hardware and cooling system, OPPO K10x also adopts core technologies such as HyperBoost full-link frame stabilization technology and GPA limit frame stabilization 3.0, which effectively solves the problem of game frame drop and makes the game more stable during operation. At the same time, OPPO K10x also supports functions such as game barrage, game voice changer, and game sidebar. Players can enjoy more fun while playing games. Combination of strength and appearance, creating a sense of technology from the inside out The back panel of the "Jiye" model adopts a layer of pure black ink, showing the ultimate black, and the micron-level matte body brings a delicate and smooth touch. The "Aurora" model presents a special phantom visual effect under the ingenious combination of double-layer plates. The micron-level matte homogenous process, in terms of its rich visual effects, endows the OPPO K10x with a more futuristic sense of technology. The stitching texture process and large character design further strengthen the unique hard-core temperament of the K series. While having an eye-catching appearance, OPPO K10x can also take high-quality photos and videos. In terms of imaging, the OPPO K10x is equipped with a 64-megapixel ultra-clear three-camera lens on the rear, which supports the super night scene mode, and can also shoot night scene ultra-clear blockbusters with one click in a dark light environment. Combination of hot-blooded mobile games to create a high-energy joint gift box It is worth mentioning that this time, OPPO has joined hands with the famous Finnish game developer Supercell and its classic action mobile game "Wild Fight" to release the OPPO K10 series of wild fighting joint gift boxes in limited quantities. The appearance of the gift box adopts the IP image design of the Wild Brawl Super Treasure Box, showing a dynamic and cute visual style. The gift box comes with multiple gifts such as Spike Nendoroid, Spike bag hanging, stickers, standing cards, OPPO power bank and rights card. The gift box will be sold exclusively on the Tmall platform in the form of a blind box. From September 16th to 22nd, at 10:00 am every day, go to the OPPO Tmall official flagship store to participate in the OPPO Tmall big brand new day, and you can snap up the new OPPO K10x for 0 yuan. In addition, from now on, you can search for "OPPO K10x" on to make an appointment for free. On September 22, participated in the OPPO Little Rubik's Cube New Product Day event. The first 100 users who ordered the OPPO K10x new product will have the opportunity to get the first sale of exquisite gifts, and add 9.9 yuan to get a 12-month extended warranty package. OPPO K10x is now available for pre-orders on major e-commerce platforms such as OPPO Mall,, Tmall, and Pinduoduo. The 8GB+128GB version is priced at 1499 yuan, the 8GB+256GB version is priced at 1699 yuan, and the 12GB+256GB version is priced at 1999 yuan. At 10:00 am on September 22, all sales channels will be on sale simultaneously, so stay tuned.

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