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All the way to "Qian", take the Fuji GFX50S II medium format to explore the secrets of Guizhou

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All the way to "Qian", take the Fuji GFX50S II medium format to explore the secrets of Guizhou

As a designer, inspiration cannot flow like a fountain, there will always be times when it dries up. Finally, I decided to take a week off to go to Guizhou, a beautiful city for inspiration. In the past, when I was studying art, I always heard that Chinese painting "ink is divided into five colors". Until I stepped into Guizhou, I finally understood this point: the roof of the Miao Village, which is as black as ink, the secret landscape of the mountains and rivers with clear streams, and the local customs and customs that are like fire... …and many more. GFX50SII, F32, 1/100 sec, ISO100 Don't want to miss these inspirational pictures? Bringing a camera that fits in your hand is a must, and the recently acquired Fuji medium format mirrorless camera satisfies these needs. My "creative partners" are the Fuji GFX50SII body and the GF35-70mmF4.5-5.6WR and GF100-200mmF5.6RLMOISWR lenses. The medium-format light zoom lens and the medium-telephoto lens are perfect for taking pictures of Guizhou's scenery or cultural themes! If you say: "If you want to experience the most primitive ecological culture in Guizhou, then go to Qianhu Miao Village in Xijiang"! It is the origin of the long history of the Miao people in China, and has the most vivid and rich Miao charm and folk customs. If you say: "If you want to appreciate the majesty of "China's No. 1 Waterfall", then go to Anshun!" I believe that the Huangguoshu Waterfall there will not disappoint you. If you say: "If you want to appreciate the clear waters of Guizhou, then go to Libo"! I believe that this existence known as "the emerald on the belt of the earth" will not disappoint you. Faced with such a colorful landscape of Guizhou, how many people can not be moved by it? I think this is the reason why I have to take the Fuji GFX50SII to Guizhou. Let me first talk about this newly purchased medium-format mirrorless camera, the Fuji GFX50SII. Its body height is 104.22mm, its thickness is 87.2mm, and its weight is only 900 grams. Its lightweight body can be used in medium-format cameras. A lightweight player. Its body design language is more concise, and its appearance is quite similar to GFX100S. The sturdy body made of aluminum-magnesium alloy is not afraid of extreme weather, making it easier for photographers to shoot outdoors! GFX50SII, F32, 0.4 seconds, ISO100 The size of the CMOS sensor on the Fuji GFX50SII is 43.88mmx32.9mm, and the sensor area is about 1.7 times that of a full-frame sensor. "The big one is crushing people" is more suitable here, because the size of the sensor is increased, which can give greater advantages in detail resolution, noise control, and tolerance. Its pixels are as high as 51.4 million. In addition to large-scale output, this number of pixels provides a huge guarantee for the secondary composition space in the later stage of the picture. It has a large enough number of pixels, and even large-scale cropping will not affect the photo. image quality. This is one of the important reasons why commercial photography and advertising photography choose medium format cameras. GFX50SII, F5.6, 1/500 sec, ISO800 100% magnification effect of the original red frame above the original image For an excellent medium format mirrorless camera, the subject of natural scenery photography often requires magnificent landscapes, and the picture will include such as For elements such as landscapes, rocks, rivers, etc., the quality of the camera image determines the quality of the film, which places high demands on the resolution of the sensor. After all, every photographer hopes that every element in the picture can have clear details. , and the Fuji GFX50SII meets this point. The high-pixel CMOS and excellent Fujinon lens depict the picture very delicately, which is enough to meet the needs of outputting large-size photos. GFX50SII, F5.6, 1/500 sec, ISO100 The terraced rice fields of Qianhu Miao Village in Xijiang are scattered in heights and heights, and the Miaojia stilted wooden buildings built on the mountain form a beautiful and splendid scenery picture, which makes people feel relaxed and happy . So I used rice as the foreground foil to highlight the main body of the wooden building, and used rhythmic patterns or element repetition to enhance the visual effect, which can make the photographic work present a different feeling! Fuji GFX50SII with its high pixel advantage, we can get 8256 × 6192 resolution photos, the post-secondary composition can also be divided into two, get two new photos after re-composition, the single picture still maintains a very good painting. Quality and clear details! This machine brings more visual inspiration for the secondary creation of photography. The original image of GFX50SII, the red frame is the lower secondary composition area, the upper right red frame area is enlarged, the upper left red frame area is enlarged The above image is created in a small river in Daqikong, Guizhou, using F32 small aperture and 1 /2 seconds slow shutter hand-held camera shooting. Thanks to the 51.4 megapixel sensor of Fuji GFX50SII, I divided the picture into two and recomposed the picture. The moss and stone textures can still be clearly seen in the two pictures, and the sharpness of the details is also remarkable. It has excellent image quality performance, and can also provide a solid foundation for post-production photo cropping and secondary creation. GFX50SII, F5, 1/100 sec, ISO500 This scene is located at the entrance of Daqikong Cave, a natural giant rock on both sides of the river. At that time, the sunset shone into the opposite entrance. I chose the vertical frame composition form, and directed my eyes to the light in the middle of the picture, and the perspective can It shows a sense of depth and space, and shows the mystery and tranquility of Daqikong. GFX50SII, F32, 1/3 sec, ISO50 We know that medium format cameras have the characteristics of ultra-high pixel, the higher the pixel, the slight vibration will cause the picture to be blurred, and this new GFX50SII has added anti-shake function, anti-shake ability It is the best in the GFX series, with a compensation effect of about 6.5 stops, which allows me to quickly capture excellent pictures without the need for a tripod in many snapshots. Especially when the GFX50SII is used with a telephoto lens, the shooting success rate during outdoor shooting is more guaranteed. The picture above is of Guizhou Yinlian Zuitan Waterfall. This waterfall is only more than ten meters high, with a funnel-shaped top and a trough-shaped melting pool at the bottom. The raised stone bags on the edge of the pool are like lotus leaves that cover the bottom, intertwined, and the river water spreads evenly on each leaf surface, flowing freely, like thousands of large and small silver chains , slowly fell into the melting pool with a soft voice shouting. So I set the shutter speed of the GFX50SII to 1/3 of a second, hand-held the camera to shoot, and easily took a smooth drawing sample, making the picture more dynamic, and I don’t have to worry about the impact of slight shaking on the picture. GFX50SII, F5.6, 1/160 sec, ISO500 (ClassicNeg. Classic Negative) GFX50SII, F5.6, 1/125 sec, ISO50 Standing close to the Huangguoshu Waterfall, watching the water flow down the mountain, a Tiao Bai Lian hit the water, and the water mist rose up from the foot of the waterfall and spread out, flying all the way to the opposite mountainside. I can't describe this spectacle, I can only experience it myself. When the water of the Great Falls rushes down from the top of the waterfall, the sun shines on the mist, forming a gorgeous rainbow waterfall! The Huangguoshu Waterfall is in a flood season in summer, and the location where I was shooting was foggy, which required high three-proof performance of the camera and lens. The Fuji GFX50SII in the case of the body splashed with water, its shooting function is not affected at all, the machine is still working normally, excellent protection to ensure the success rate of landscape shooting. GFX50SII, F11, 1/2 second, ISO2500 In the evening of Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village, thousands of lights are lit together, like a dream, and there is no lack of fireworks in life! The Fuji GFX50SII has excellent focusing ability. In addition to its fast focusing speed, it can also achieve autofocusing in light as low as -3.5EV. When I shot some indoor or outdoor environments at sunset in Guizhou, it still maintained high-speed focusing. The ability to achieve focus can be achieved quickly by pressing the shutter halfway, and there is no need to worry about the impact of insufficient focus performance on photographic creation. The Fuji GFX50SII has excellent battery life. It is equipped with an NP-W235 battery. In my Guizhou scenery shooting experience, the battery life can reach at least 500 shots, which can satisfy almost a whole day of high-intensity scenery shooting. And it also supports USB Type-C interface charging, I only need to bring a mobile power supply, I can revive the Fuji GFX50SII full of blood and continue high-intensity shooting work. Share more Fuji GFX50SII Guizhou samples below: GFX50SII, F16, 1/2 sec, ISO160 GFX50SII, F5.6, 1/85 sec, ISO640 GFX50SII, F5.6, 1/280 sec, ISO320 GFX50SII, F5.6 , 1/850 sec, ISO800 GFX50SII, F5.6, 1/250 sec, ISO320 I think the inspiration for the design comes from photography experience, and now I look at this batch of photos created in Guizhou, many of which I think are quite amazing. Let me revisit the Chinese painting "ink divided into five colors" again. Also because photography, like painting, pays attention to the sense of form and has similarities in the form of expression, photography is a combination of composition, picture elements, color matching, light control, etc. for the beauty of form. The key point of formal beauty. After a period of photography creation, the medium format mirrorless camera Fuji GFX50SII is not only suitable for landscape photography, but also portrait photography, ecological photography, architectural photography, street photography and other subjects can be easily dealt with, bringing users high-quality creative samples, it In terms of image quality, resolution, noise control, and latitude, it performs better than full-frame cameras at the same price, which is more attractive to photography users. At the same time, compared with traditional medium-format cameras, GFX50SII has great advantages in body size, controllability, focus and anti-shake. These advantages can make medium-format models truly go out of the studio and get rid of the shackles of tripods. Come to a more free shooting experience. In terms of price, it is also a cost-effective medium format mirrorless camera. Whether it is a professional photographer or a high-end photography enthusiast, I think this camera is worth recommending!

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