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Huawei Mate50 actually smashed walnuts, the result is comfortable

Posting time:2023-03-26 11:26:18

Huawei Mate50 actually smashed walnuts, the result is comfortable

A few days ago, we talked to you about Huawei Kunlun Glass. Huawei Mate 50 is 10 times more resistant to falling, and Nokia loses... Not only the new phone is equipped with Kunlun glass, which is said to be 10 times more resistant to falling, but also Mate 30, Mate 40, P40, P50 and other series of 10+ models can also support payment Upgrade the same type of Kunlun glass. (From 589 yuan) It can be seen how confident Huawei is in this glass, and the good things are not hidden and can be enjoyed by the whole family. However, the resistance of mobile phones to falling is not a parameter and theory, everything must be based on actual combat results. Since the popularity of mobile phones, there has been a "truth" in China to test whether a mobile phone is resistant to falling. As long as anyone's mobile phone can smash walnuts and the screen is unscathed, then whose mobile phone is hard and the quality is better than others. Needless to say, who has done the best in this piece, Nokia, the former king of feature phones, has made a miracle in China by making a miracle. Although the legend of Nokia is now gone, another warrior recently applied for the "Walnut Challenge", trying to win the trust of users in the most down-to-earth way. The protagonist this time is exactly what was said at the beginning-Huawei Mate50 Pro, after completing the drop test from a height, chase after victory and prepare to challenge the ultimate hardness test-smashing walnuts. Image source*[email protected]我名Could A netizen posted a video of Huawei Mate50 Pro smashing walnuts on the Internet. According to the video, the netizen smashed 3 walnuts in a row with skillful techniques, and smashed them to shreds. It is hard to say whether walnuts can be eaten. Image source *Internet However, after the smashing, the Huawei Mate50 Pro is still unscathed and can be used normally. Sure enough, Kunlun Glass is well-deserved. Those who are still hesitating whether to "run streaking" can save the money for buying mobile phone case films. Seeing that Huawei Mate50 Pro is so durable, some players with a firm stand began to enter the field, and said: Huawei yyds, Apple is really not good... Although I am glad that domestic mobile phones have made great progress, objectively speaking, in recent years, Apple has gotten rid of the title of "crispy machine", and its drop resistance has always been ahead of domestic mobile phones. For example, the iPhone 11 series, which has a very large number of domestic possessions, was rated as the most durable iPhone in history (Corning's 6th generation Gorilla Glass), which can be dropped from 6 feet (about 1.8 meters) without breaking. Image source *cnet However, the iPhone 11 is just a younger brother in the eyes of the older brother. The iPhone 12 series launched the super-ceramic crystal glass jointly developed with Corning, which is still Apple's exclusive technology. Even if the iPhone 12 Pro Max was dropped from 11 feet (about 3.35 meters) in the air, the middle frame was deformed, the back plate was broken, the inner screen was broken, and the camera failed. The marks are still intact. The follow-up iPhone 13 series has further improved its drop resistance performance. The indoor test 3m drop was easily passed. Even if it was violently dropped outdoors, it was only after many tests that the front panel shattered. Before that, the motherboard had already gone one step ahead of the screen and could not be used normally. So, even if the iPhone 14 has not been drop tested, the results will certainly not disappoint. Having said so much, I don't mean to blow Apple hard, because Huawei's Kunlun glass this time uses nano-ceramic glass that is homologous to Apple's super-ceramic glass. And after the improvement of the craftsmanship, the performance is not inferior to apples, even if it is grounded in smashing walnuts. In fact, what Laohu wants to say is that since the mobile phone has entered the era of full screen, the mobile phone seems to be equated with fragility. As long as you don't put the film and wear the shell, your mobile phone will easily be broken. It is followed by high maintenance costs. It costs half of the price of the mobile phone to replace the screen, and even more than half of the price to replace the back panel. The dozens of mobile phone cases and films are too cost-effective. Over time, the first thing we do after buying a mobile phone is to buy a mobile phone case and film. The manufacturer's careful design and materials will also miss us. For the safety of the mobile phone, we would rather sacrifice the feel and experience. Even some manufacturers have been influenced by users, and in turn, they will pursue the degree of resistance to fall for the sake of appearance and feel, and even consider the film and mobile phone case as standard. Although it looks intimate, it is not a matter of course, durable and thin and beautiful can coexist. Just like the latest iPhone 14 series and Huawei Mate50 series, they all achieve super drop resistance while maintaining an excellent feel. Even if the user may drop the phone by mistake, their own design is enough to withstand these risks and reduce the user's worries. This is an essential element of a good phone. Therefore, smashing walnuts seems to be a joke, but it actually reflects the user's desire for the durability of mobile phones. Instead of promoting all kinds of fancy functions, I hope that manufacturers will focus on the optimization of the basic attributes of mobile phones. No matter which era, the "vase" is destined to not go far... Reference: Fast Technology: Huawei Mate50 Pro The first Kunlun glass actually smashed walnuts: three results were intact in one breath. Love Faner: The iPhone 12 Pro Max fell from a height of 3 meters and the front was not broken. 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