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A multi-faceted workplace is enough, Huawei MateBook E Go helps 2-in-1 youth productivity advance

Posting time:2023-03-26 10:01:45

A multi-faceted workplace is enough, Huawei MateBook E Go helps 2-in-1 youth productivity advance

According to the "2021 Youth Employment and Career Planning Report" released by the People's Data Research Institute of People's Daily Online, 27.6% of young people have 2 or more jobs. Among them, 9.8% of the youth hold 2 jobs, and 17.8% of the youth hold 3 or more jobs. Contemporary young people are not limited by their existing lives. They are not only keen to learn and develop new skills or hobbies, but also can take care of multiple careers and create new opportunities and identities for themselves. Recently, the well-known media "People" interviewed three "two-in-one youth", which resonated with the public. They shine in various fields, realizing the switching and balancing of dual or multiple identities. Some people are ordinary white-collar workers during the day, and they concentrate on daily office work in the cubicle of the office. In the evening, you will get rid of the "quiet" side, put on a new dress, and become a "jumping" professional dancer, let yourself swim in the joy of dance steps, and enjoy the spiritual improvement brought by music and dance. There are also people who can find a different self in music and sports. Through the plucked strings and rhythmic melody, you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of music creation and feel the boiling of adrenaline from music. She can also turn into a healthy and energetic sports girl, running on the vast stadium with three or five friends, feeling the sweat dripping. There are also people who seem to be professional and serious photojournalists during the day, but are actually also stand-up comedians, expressing themselves in different ways and realizing the "two-in-one relaxation". Their multi-faceted life is full of wonders. More and more people, like them, are interpreting their multi-faceted life. After watching the video, it is not difficult to find that in the different aspects they present, there are many figures of Huawei's new generation of 2-in-1 notebook Huawei MateBook E Go. With the ever-changing form of disassembly, colorful color matching, battery life and networking capability, and ecological interactive experience, it brings productivity advancement to meet the needs of "two-in-one youth" in various scenarios. It is not only their right-hand man in life and work, but also Spiritual companions on their way to development. Huawei MateBook E Go also helps young people have an infinite future of possibilities, "a multi-faceted workplace, one book is enough".

Various forms, allowing young people to work and study efficiently at any time

Two-in-one youth They are not limited by one identity, their Office and study venues are not limited to one location. It may be in the office, it may be the piano classroom, the backstage of the talk show, the way to go out for interviews... They need more flexible mobile office equipment to deal with different and diverse scenarios. Huawei MateBook E Go has 4 forms, which can meet the needs of different scenarios such as office, creation, life and entertainment. Huawei's MateBook E Go consists of a main unit and a split smart magnetic keyboard. By disassembling the magnetic keyboard and changing the different angles of the keyboard, Huawei MateBook E Go can achieve form switching. In the form of a notebook, the main unit and the keyboard are connected together, which is suitable for most scenarios, such as handling administrative materials in the office and writing press releases in a coffee shop. If it is in a small space such as a cabin or a high-speed rail, the support space is limited, and the keyboard part can be removed and turned into a split form. The host bracket is in a stable and limited space, and the two-in-one youth can still input by relying on the Bluetooth connection of the keyboard. Huawei MateBook E Go also provides a stand shape, which can adjust the angle support of the host, and watch video blockbusters or participate in remote video conferences from a comfortable angle. In the tablet form, with the HUAWEI M-Pencil (second generation) snow white stylus, you can easily write records, draws, and perform various creations, such as recording ideas for talk shows at any time.

Full-time online, so that mobile office has no worries

In addition to the product form, it gives the two-in-one youth a more free and flexible experience In addition, it is precisely because of the diversity of office scenarios that 2-in-1 young people need office equipment that can also have the ability to be "online all the time", maintain the state of being connected to the Internet and have electricity, and help them cope with different work conditions and needs at any time. Huawei MateBook E Go has also achieved further advancements in battery life and networking, which can provide better support for 2-in-1 youth to work anytime, anywhere and pursue their inner love. Huawei MateBook E Go Standard Edition supports inserting a mobile phone card, surfing the Internet through a cellular network, and is equipped with MIMO multi-antenna receiving technology, which allows users to connect to the Internet anytime, anywhere. Unstable WiFi connection problem. At the same time, the battery capacity is 45.8Wh, coupled with the high-efficiency chip, the battery life can be up to 14 hours (1080p local video playback), and the battery life of typical office usage scenarios can reach up to 7 hours. The official standard 65W charger, which takes 30 minutes to charge from 0% to 50% in the off state, helps two-in-one youths quickly "recover blood". In outdoor or high-speed rail environments where there is no network, some HarmonyOS 3 mobile phones, including the Huawei Mate 50 series, are also supported for multi-device communication sharing, and the cellular network of the mobile phone can be shared with the MateBook E Go. One day, there will be internet and electricity."

Colorful color matching, fashionable office full of professional image

Contemporary young people are chasing trends, not only reaching out their interests in various fields, but also in enriching At the same time, it expresses its own personality and uniqueness. Huawei MateBook E Go has a thin and light body and colorful colors, showing the good taste of two-in-one youth. The Huawei MateBook E Go features a minimalist design that gives a refreshing impression. The fuselage is only 710g, and the thickness is as thin as 7.68mm, which can be easily carried, reducing the commuting burden of the two-in-one youth. At the same time, the fuselage adopts the three-coating and three-baking process, which brings a higher texture. With the beautiful color of the fuselage, it shows youth and vitality. It provides two mainframe colors, Nebula Gray and Snow White, and is matched with four different keyboards: Nebula Gray, Snow White, Interstellar Blue, and Sakura Pink. You can always choose from calm, agile, elegant, or lively. A match that helps them escape from the crowd and express their individuality.

Three major technologies make mobile office smoother and more convenient

Two-in-one young people, while pursuing their love, also pay attention to office work and efficiency in learning, so as to be able to switch freely between different identities. Huawei MateBook E Go is equipped with Huawei's three unique technologies, which can provide technological assistance to the efficient production of two-in-one youth. Huawei MateBook E Go supports multi-screen collaboration with Huawei mobile phones, managing two devices on one screen. After some mobile phones are upgraded to HarmonyOS 3, they can also achieve a "horizontal large window" with the MateBook E Go to get a better mobile application experience on the desktop; multi-device communication sharing allows the MateBook E Go to share the network capabilities of the mobile phone, making it Inconvenient to connect to WiFi, you can still easily surf the Internet. It also brings a new "super transfer station" function, which is especially suitable for collecting and using data across devices or between different applications on the machine. It does not require frequent switching. Once collected, transported, and used once, the complex switching in the past can be completed. operate.

Ecological interaction, realizing multi-device and multi-accessory collaboration

Relying on Huawei's ecological capabilities, Huawei MateBook E Go can realize multi-screen collaboration . In addition to collaboration with mobile phones, it can also collaborate with Huawei tablets to support three modes: mirroring, expansion, and sharing. For example, in mirror mode, the screen content of Huawei MateBook E Go is "copied" to the tablet, and the two screens present the same window. When personal creation, the tablet turns into a hand-painted board, pick up the stylus to trace at will, and draw and fill in the color at will; when sharing with multiple people, you can use Huawei MateBook E Go, dual-screen browsing, or mark the same content at the same time. Huawei MateBook E Go can also have excellent interactive capabilities with the HUAWEI M-Pencil (second generation) Snow White stylus. Huawei has achieved the perfect adaptation of the stylus application under the HarmonyOS ecosystem. In fact, it is as good as the adaptation of the Windows 11 application ecosystem. It realizes the experience of writing on paper, with one-click excerpts, global annotations, and switching erasers. Just like our commonly used note-taking software OneNote, with a stylus, the creation efficiency is further improved, and some operations that were not easy to achieve in the past can be easily realized, such as one-click excerpt, global annotation content can be quickly inserted into OneNote records. Huawei's 2-in-1 notebook MateBook E Go helps 2-in-1 youth cope with multiple identity switching and efficiently complete different work contents. It is an efficient and versatile technology product that is very worthy of young people. From September 21 to 22, come to the "Huawei 2-in-1 Notebook Fan Day", Huawei's own official flagship store, you can enjoy a discount of 100 yuan when you place an order for the new MateBook E Go, and you can get a mouse as a gift for your praise. Other products in the tablet category can enjoy a discount of up to 600 yuan.

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