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iOS 16 looks really good, but I advise you not to upgrade yet

Posting time:2023-03-26 10:52:16

iOS 16 looks really good, but I advise you not to upgrade yet

Apple finally brought the official version of iOS 16 to iPhone users. This is also an announcement that the 3-month pre-Beta test has come to an end. It's just that the iPhone 14 series that best matches iOS 16 is still a few days away from actually meeting us. However, the phone brother pointed out that most of the phone friends here should not plan to replace the new iPhone this year, and they are all waiting for the iPhone 15 equipped with Type-C next year. That being the case~ From now on, let's put aside "Smart Island" and 48 million. After upgrading the system, it is considered a new phone. Speaking of which, during this period of time, Brother Ji saw that many friends were asking: Brother Ji, iOS 16, is it worth updating? Then, let's come to a summary of iOS 16, everyone will judge whether to upgrade or not according to their own needs~ Old rules, let's take a look at the appearance changes first. The lock screen is different. The biggest change, and the first to be perceived, is that the lock screen interface of iOS 16 has changed. (iOS 15 | iOS 16) The lock screen time is visible to the naked eye and becomes thicker and larger. At the same time, the date display has also changed its position. But if you press and hold it for a long time, you will find that things are different~ Long press the lock screen, you will enter the "multi-desktop interface", and you can quickly switch between different lock screen styles. To talk about the changes in the details of the lock screen of this generation, it is the addition of the "depth of field effect". Between the time and the wallpaper, there is a sense of front and rear dislocation of the front and rear, and even some numbers can be covered. Of course you want to say what's the use... Actually it's useless. But to say more fun wallpapers. That is the "super wallpaper" that makes Xiaomi even call the experts. And the clownfish wallpaper that Mr. Qiao showed at the press conference that year. Of course, the above are not all updates of the iOS 16 lock screen interface, in fact, there are lock screens with themes such as weather and emoji customization. If the machine friends are not too annoying. You can also choose the widgets on the lock screen wallpaper by yourself, and add widgets such as weather, stock market, and reminders according to your own needs. Not only that, after a round of updates, many third-party apps also support this function. Due to space reasons, let's leave it to the next time~ Let's talk about it next. The main interface has also changed a bit. After unlocking, you will come to the main interface that we are most familiar with. Let’s take a look at the comparison before and after the upgrade of the main interface: (iOS 15 | iOS 16) Have you found any clues? Sharp-eyed machine friends should find that the text at the bottom of the App on iOS 16 has a projection-like effect in the area where the wallpaper is brighter and affects the display of white text. Like the lock screen interface, the main interface also adds a little layering. In other respects there is no difference. The only difference is that "Global Search" resides at the bottom of the desktop. No need to swipe down to search like before. Now click on it, you can also call out the "global search". In short, the main interface of iOS 16, whether it is from last year's iOS 15 or the previous year's iOS 14, has not changed as a whole. So, Brother Ji just skipped this party, no one should have any opinion, right? Let's hurry up and go directly to the explanation of the new features. Automatic cutout In iOS 15, Apple brought a big bang... ah no, it's "live text", which can directly identify the text in the photo and picture, and there are different jumping methods for phone calls and addresses. In iOS 16, "Live Text" has also ushered in a wave of updates, which can directly extract text information in videos. But the realm is not only flat ~ iOS 16 also has the function of directly extracting the main body of the picture. As long as it is a picture with a clear boundary subject, the iPhone can be "buttoned" alive. Even, not limited to the three-dimensional world. Even the 2D Tom cat can be deducted. However, if you encounter pictures with too low resolution, this function is not easy to use. In addition, it is not easy to buckle if it is too deeply integrated with the background, and it is easy to leak corners. But after comparing it with the automatic cutout of PS, I feel that the iPhone function can cope with daily use, and there is no problem. (Left: iOS | Right: PS) The iPhone can identify the subject more accurately to a certain extent, but the processing of the edge part is not enough. On the other hand, the PS, the overall situation is much better than the iPhone, although it is a little flawed, but fortunately, people can adjust it later! Therefore, those who want to use this function to be lazy, wash and sleep, or learn to cut out the map~ The battery percentage is the most worthwhile upgrade function of iOS 16, I believe many people will vote for the battery percentage display. 5 years, really 5 years. Apple, do you know how I've been through the past five years? Apple is finally doing something good again, though, and that's what it should have done. As for the open path, let me give it here: Settings-Battery-Battery percentage is just that, this battery percentage has a drawback. It is because the battery numbers are displayed in the battery, so the remaining power of the battery cannot be seen most intuitively. Also, it only changes color when it falls below 20%. The so-called: no sound has been a blockbuster. This also leads to, until the battery runs out, you can't see the battery condition as intuitively as before. So many netizens began to complain again, saying that the display of the percentage of electricity is not intuitive enough, blah blah blah... I turned around and read again that there is no percentage. Or maybe, Apple cured my battery anxiety, listen to me and say thank you... In short, in the midst of cursing, netizens turned it off again. So upgrade or not upgrade? At this moment, some machine friends said: Brother machine, you have been forced to rely on it for a long time. I feel that there is nothing worth upgrading to iOS 16. Eh... As far as the three-month summary of Ji Ge's experience is concerned, iOS 16, it really doesn't have a very poignant upgrade point. But in terms of small functions, Apple is really intentional this time, there is no doubt about it, such as: keyboard vibration feedback Wi-Fi can view password horizontally unlock Face ID shortcut memo, etc... They are all very practical, and also Well-received feature. Although, this still can't cover up iOS 16, just like the magic suture of iOS+watchOS. Those who hold an Apple Watch know that the lock screen interface of iOS 16 and AW cannot be said to be exactly the same, but they can only be said to be exactly the same. As for those so-called new features - isn't this ™ long overdue? As for this epic update - battery percentage. But Brother Ji can only say that it has come, but it has not come completely. As early as in the beta version, netizens discovered that this battery percentage... how come there are 13 and 12, and all the XS and X in the ancient times have it. But what about XR, 11, 12 mini, and 13 mini? I thought it would be added later, but recently Apple officially confirmed that these four models do not support battery percentage. As for the reason, Apple did not say much. Netizens speculate that it is because of the logical resolution of these four models that the software cannot be implemented, which is not enough to meet Apple's ideal percentage display. Therefore, Apple simply did not do it... In addition, there is a horizontal Face ID function that does not require special expansion, which is also exclusive to the 13 series and the latest 14. As for the reason... that Cook is calling you to get a new phone! But the trouble returns to the trouble, the scolding returns to the scolding. I have to say that Apple is Apple, and its appeal is still strong. Overnight, a large number of mainstream apps have started the adaptation and upgrade of iOS16, and they all support the function of lock screen widgets. It's just that the apprenticeship is not good, and the bizarre bug that the App Store can't download apps was exposed from the beginning. What are you talking about to update the new terms and so on... You, urging everyone to update, but not updating everyone, is really confusing. Fortunately, Apple fixed the problem soon. But one wave has not settled. For apps that have not yet adapted to iOS 16, such as a large green app, a large number of users have crashed. As for the later version of iPadOS next door, it has not been spared, and there are still many apps that have flashback problems. Not to mention the problems of fast power failure and poor signal when it comes to mouth cocooning. The only thing that makes the machine feel outrageous is that this time there is a bug that overheating and unable to charge... This curry smell is really heavy. Not to mention, as the first version of iOS 16, there are old traditional bugs such as localization errors and button disappearance. But if you say that the translation is wrong, it doesn't matter. English is forced to be translated literally. What is "set as wallpaper"? Isn't it too much... hey, it's too much... Brother machine doesn't want to talk about it. tired. Pictures from the Internet

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