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The producer refutes the rumor that "Sheep is a Sheep" earns more than 4.68 million yuan a day and can pass the second level

Posting time:2023-03-26 09:35:37

The producer refutes the rumor that "Sheep is a Sheep" earns more than 4.68 million yuan a day and can pass the second level

To say what is the most popular small game recently, "Sheep and Sheep" must be on the list. I believe everyone has seen the popularity of this game. "Sheep and Sheep" is a cartoon background elimination game. Players need to use various props and hints to eliminate obstacles and traps in each level. The seemingly simple elimination game is extremely challenging. Many players were persuaded to quit in the second level, and the second level was also called "curse" by the players. Recently, a screenshot circulated on the Internet shows that the revenue of the "Sheep Luck a Sheep" applet reached more than 4.68 million yuan on September 14, and this month's revenue was as high as 25.64 million yuan. So is that screenshot real? "Sheep Got a Sheep" and "Sheep Got a Sheep" CNMO learned that Zhang Jiaxu, the production team behind "Sheep Got a Sheep" and founder of Beijing Jianyou Technology, said in an interview with "Chinese Entrepreneur" that the pictures are fake, For the user experience, the game does not add banner ads and interstitial ads, so the screenshots of the income are not right at all, and the time of the fire is not enough to make up the total income. In addition, some netizens posted a picture, and it is suspected that Ma Huateng also denied this. The picture shows that Ma Huateng commented in the relevant circle of friends: It is verified that it is faked by PS. Suspected screenshot of the income of "The Sheep" In addition, Zhang Jiaxu said that before the launch, he never thought that "The Sheep" would become so popular. In response to the player, he said that he had played thousands of times and watched more than 900 advertisements, but failed to pass the second level. He questioned whether the third level was not developed, so the second level could not be passed. Zhang Jiaxu said that the second level can be passed. The mechanism of this game is that there is a big level every day, so after passing the level, there is nothing to play today, and it will be reset the next day. The original intention is to hope that players can be more relaxed.

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