Visitor publication, together with CNMO and other nine major technology media authoritative comments, professionally guide fruit powder to buy treasure accessories

Posting time:2023-02-02 09:12:56, together with CNMO and other nine major technology media authoritative comments, professionally guide fruit powder to buy treasure accessories

Recently, the iPhone 14 series has just been released, and consumers are eagerly rushing, and the matching mobile phone accessories products have also attracted users' attention. Recently, has teamed up with nine major technology vertical media such as CNMO, Zhongguancun Online, and Pacific Internet to comment on the iPhone 14 series of essential accessories from multiple perspectives such as product technology, application scenarios, and design appearance, and guide you to choose from a professional perspective. Good accessories, take care of the new machine. Can the new iPhone 14 series be more resistant to falling? These shell and film accessories are highly praised. While enjoying the pleasure brought by the new phone, purchasing a mobile phone film and a mobile phone case to fully arm the mobile phone has become the choice of many fruit fans. A high-quality mobile phone film should not only have functions such as preventing the screen from being scratched, but also bring a bare-metal feel. IT168 believes that the Bunkers iPhone Corning tempered film can become the second screen of the iPhone14 series. In addition to reducing the damage caused by external bumps to the mobile phone, a high-quality mobile phone case is also very important to have a comfortable feel. For example, the ROCK iPhone 14 skin-feeling mobile phone case, CNMO's evaluation is that this product has a skin-friendly feel, all-inclusive anti-fall and online appearance, which can give you the sense of security you need to hold the iPhone 14 series. The PITAKA MagEZ Case 3 Kevlar mobile phone case has been recognized by Zhongguancun Online. The scarce 600D aramid fiber creates a 3D bare metal feel. The ultra-light and ultra-thin design allows fruit fans to grasp it without any burden. It is a good partner of the iPhone14 series. How to achieve long battery life of iPhone? There is a good way to solve "power anxiety" with accessory kits For battery life, iPhone users have always been eager to pay attention, so they need high-quality charging products to solve their problems. The Anker PD20W fast charging data cable recommended by Aitech has been certified by Apple's official MFi, with a skin-friendly texture and fast rebound. It has passed 25,000 bending tests and 10,000 plugging tests, creating a soft and powerful fast charging for the iPhone 14 series. full experience. The Baseus GaN third-generation 65W charger set has been well received by the Pacific Internet. Making the overall volume smaller is a good thing recommended by the authority of Jingdong Jinbang. The Nubia 65W GaN charger set was selected by The 65W three-port gallium nitride + 100W dual-C line set can meet the charging needs of multiple devices such as iPhone14 series, computers, and tablets at the same time. 3C safety certification makes charging safer. Minimalist fruit fans must buy good things, and enjoy the pleasure of "wireless" with one enemy and three. For loyal fruit fans, in addition to the iPhone 14 series, they also hold products such as Apple Watch and headphones. With the increasing number of smart devices and the increasing demand for multi-device charging, wireless chargers can help you say goodbye to the problem of desktop clutter. Belkin Apple MagSafe magnetic three-in-one wireless charger, in PChome's opinion, while it has been officially certified by Apple's MagSafe, 15W wireless fast charging supports simultaneous charging of mobile phones, watches, and headphones, and can be charged both horizontally and vertically, making it a must-have product for fruit fans. The Pinsheng 15W Apple Quick Charge 3-in-1 wireless charger selected by has a transparent panel with a strong sense of black technology. It adopts a 22-year upgraded motherboard chip, 15W high-power intelligent adaptation, and is compatible with different devices such as mobile phones, watches, and headphones. As a new partner of the iPhone 14 series, it is worthy of users to start. With the increase in usage scenarios, holding the phone in your hand for a long time will bring you soreness. The Lvlian aluminum alloy mobile phone stand approved by is made of metal material to fill the texture. The dual-shaft design supports 360° free adjustment, allowing you to enjoy the new iPhone14 series while liberating your hands. Right now, when's "Mobile Phone Accessories Renewal Season in September" event is going on, there are more good accessories such as shell films, cables, power banks, etc. going online. Hurry up and go to to grab a 15% discount coupon package, get your mobile phone exclusive accessories at a more favorable price, and take care of your favorite phone!

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