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10% discount on WeChat recharge; iPhone14 PM scalpers increase the price by 4,000; Lei Jun said that Xiaomi was forced to build a car

Posting time:2023-02-02 07:10:48

10% discount on WeChat recharge; iPhone14 PM scalpers increase the price by 4,000; Lei Jun said that Xiaomi was forced to build a car

  • VVebo was sued by Weibo official
VVebo client official blog said "I received a call from the court, Weibo sued me?" The reason is "unfair competition". It is reported that VVebo is a convenient third-party client for Weibo mobile phones, which will be smoother than Weibo. It is worth noting that the VVebo client is charged for some Pro functions, and the price of the permanent version is 198 yuan. Previously, third-party Weibo clients such as Share and See have announced their removal, and they all said that they are "not a compliant product". (Source: IT House)
  • Apple's official website is down
According to user feedback, the problem that Apple's official website cannot be opened today, and a 403 prompt will appear ; After another test, it was found that even if the official website of Apple was opened, some contents were not displayed completely, and many pictures could not be displayed. Not only the Chinese official website, but also the overseas Apple official website has encountered similar problems, and Apple has not yet responded to the cause of the failure. (Source: IT House)
  • iPhone 14 Pro screenshots will only show when using Smart Island
iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models are unique Some Smart Island screenshots have caused controversy. When Smart Island animations appear, the screenshots will capture the "Pill Screen". It is reported that the Smart Island area will be visible in the screenshots when the Smart Island is deformed while in use, or when the camera/microphone indicator dot is active. The screenshot in this case shows the entire Smart Island, including the state of the elements at that time. Also, the Smart Island doesn't appear in the screenshots when it's completely inactive, the same as the screenshots on the notch-screen iPhone. (Source: Sina Technology)
  • China's mobile phone production in 2021 ranks first in the world
According to a report, China will contribute 67% of global mobile phone production in 2021 , India and Vietnam ranked second and third respectively. The report pointed out that the reason for the decline in Chinese production is the vacancies caused by the decline in Huawei's production, and that Apple and other Chinese OEMs are diversifying their production bases, and the proportion of Chinese production is also expected to decline in the future. (Source: IT House)
  • iOS 16.1 Beta Released
Apple today pushed the iOS 16.1 Developer Preview Beta update to iPhone users. This update includes some functional changes and bug fixes, as well as some new features. iOS 16.1 Beta update includes: clean energy charging, Apple Wallet App can be deleted, lock screen function optimization, real-time activity API, early signs of Matter home application, more iPhone battery percentage. Among them, more iPhone battery percentages means the feature is available for iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone 13 mini. (Source: IT House)
  • Bilibili responds to the trademark rejection dispute
Recently, Bilibili’s trademark rejection caused a lot of heat The reason for the rejection was that it did not meet the standards for the recognition of well-known trademarks. In response to this, Station B responded to the matter, saying that the reason for disputing the Bilibili trademark is that it received complaints from users about the co-branded food of the "Bilibili bilibili" trademark. The food category of Bilibili's related trademark "Bilibilibili" was squatted. There are many types of food, and the quality is poor, which makes consumers mistakenly believe that it is an official joint or authorized product of Bilibili, but it has nothing to do with Bilibili. . (Source: Sina Technology)
  • WeChat Pay 10% off recharge App Store
According to WeChat Pay, the Apple App Store recharge 10% discount has been opened again. The event is from September 15th to September 21st, and each user is limited to one discount. The recharge channel is WeChat-me-service-Q coin recharge. After the recharge is successful, you can purchase apps, games, music, iCloud storage space, etc. through your Apple ID balance. (Source: IT House)
  • Lei Jun said that Xiaomi was forced to build a car
In the "Genting Dialogue" program, Lei Jun talked to Xiaomi, and Lei Jun said that in the Achieved financial freedom at the age of 37, and founded Xiaomi to influence the world. In addition, Lei Jun also said that Xiaomi's entry into the electric vehicle industry is to catch up with the trend, and it is necessary to complete the integration of smart electric vehicles into the automotive industry and consumer electronics, and Xiaomi's car manufacturing is a forced decision. (Source: IT House)
  • LG successfully tested 6G THz network data transmission
LG officially announced that it successfully tested 6G in the frequency range of 155 to 175 GHz Wireless transmission and reception of THz data, outdoor distance up to 320 meters. In addition, LG plans to announce the full results of its latest 6G communications test at the 6G Grand Summit in Seoul on September 23. (Source: IT House)
  • The adoption rate of the official version of iOS 16 in two days has exceeded the same period.
According to data, two days after the official version of iOS 16 was released , which is installed on about 11.6% of iPhones. The number of installations within two days of the official version of iOS 15 accounted for only 8.5%. The addition of customizable lock screen and widget options to iOS 16 this time brings a visual change to the iPhone, which may be what motivates users to install the new system. (Source: IT House)
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max has a premium price of over 4,000 yuan
The iPhone 14 series has already opened for pre-orders, and major TVs are scheduled for the night The iPhone 14 Pro on the business platform is sold out, and the arrival date on the official website has also been scheduled to November. According to the root feedback, the current channel premium of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is even more than 4,000 yuan per unit. According to reports, Samsung has received an additional 20 million iPhone 14 Pro series panel orders from Apple, which is equivalent to an increase of more than 22%. Compared with the popularity of the Pro series, the iPhone 14 standard version has almost no premium on the channel, and the first color only needs to be increased by about 200 yuan. (Source: Fast Technology)

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