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Dropped 600 yuan! Gigabyte RX6900 XT 16G graphics card is on sale at 4899 yuan

Posting time:2023-02-02 08:29:55

Dropped 600 yuan! Gigabyte RX6900 XT 16G graphics card is on sale at 4899 yuan

Text | Zhang Zichen Editor-in-Chief | Lv Dongxing Editor-in-Chief | Tang Di This Gigabyte RadeonRX 6900 XT GAMING OC16G graphics card is suitable for e-sports games, design, study, office and other modes. The original price is 5499 yuan, during the event, the order is 4899 yuan, and 600 yuan is directly cut! Let's take a look at what it has. It adopts GIGABYTE WindPower three-fan cooling system, equipped with three 80mm specially designed blade fans, with forward and reverse function, 6 high-performance pure copper heat pipes, heat pipes directly contacting the GPU, and fan intelligent start and stop, etc. Technology, greatly improve the heat dissipation efficiency, to ensure stable and efficient performance. In addition, it uses nano-graphene lubricating oil, which can extend the life of ordinary oil-sealed bearing fans, achieve the same durability as ball bearings, and be quieter. The copper plate directly contacts the GPU and the video memory core, and the guidance effect of the composite heat pipe provides excellent heat dissipation efficiency, so that the GPU and the video memory core can maintain stable work under the condition of overclocking. AORUSEngine software designed by a new generation brings a more beautiful, more concise and more convenient operation interface. Through the AORUSEngine software, you can easily adjust the core frequency, lighting effects, etc., and can directly update the graphics card driver and BIOS online. (8018028)

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