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OPPO K10x comprehensive evaluation: focus on performance and battery life, and carry out the "hard core" to the end

Posting time:2023-02-02 09:27:31

OPPO K10x comprehensive evaluation: focus on performance and battery life, and carry out the "hard core" to the end

In the first half of 2022, OPPO released the "hard core" representative - the OPPO K10 series. This mobile phone has won the favor and recognition of many users with its hard-core performance and super cost-effective price. Today, OPPO K10x, another new member of the OPPO K10 series, continues the excellent genes of the previous generation products, bringing the "hard core" to a thousand yuan machine, with a price starting from only 1499 yuan, so many users can sigh after seeing it. : "It turns out that the thousand yuan machine can really be so hard-core." Appearance: Micron-level matte homogenous craftsmanship, "hard-core" sense of future technology This time OPPO K10x has two color schemes, "Night" and "Aurora", and I got this "Night" color. The back panel of the "Night" model uses a layer of pure black ink, showing the ultimate black. The innovative micron-level matte body not only brings a very calm temperament to the user, but also brings a delicate and smooth touch. From the moment I got this phone, I was fascinated by its appearance. This black is not as bright as the blacks of most phones on the market, it is a darker, purer black. Compared with other rich colors, this color will be the first choice for many boys, and it is more in line with the stable and down-to-earth feeling of most boys. Even in our daily collocation, this phone can play a very good role. In this era of "half-pound machine", the thickness of OPPO K10x is as low as 8.5mm and the weight of the body is as light as 195g. The whole machine feels very comfortable to hold. When I use it in my hand, it is like holding a light piece of glass. The integrated setting makes the camera module and the back cover more coherent, the grip is more comfortable, and the game is more comfortable. Another "Aurora" model presents a special phantom visual effect under the ingenious combination of double-layer plates. The same micron-level matte homogenous process is adopted. In its rich visual effects, it gives the product more sense of future technology. Vision and touch are flagship-like enjoyment. In addition, the two colors use stitching texture technology and large character design, which further strengthens the unique hard-core temperament of the K series. (Left "Aurora Night", right "Aurora") 120Hz high frame eye protection LCD screen, touch sampling rate up to 240Hz, so players can be more sensitive when sliding the screen with some subtle operations in the game. Whether it's just shooting on the island or fighting in the canyon, it can be made easy with the help of this screen. Visually, a more comfortable experience can also be obtained, and at the same time, it can also help save power. Performance: Immersive gaming experience, "hard core" heat dissipation OPPO K10x is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 6955G mobile platform made by 6nm production process, its baseband is currently the most used 5G baseband, and is 2*2.2GHzA78 large core, The Adreno619 GPU can provide users with a good 5G performance experience. The Snapdragon 690 is the most commonly used chip for the 1000 yuan phone. As a newcomer to the 1000 yuan phone, the Snapdragon 695 can achieve a maximum running score of more than 420,000 points in AnTuTu. Compared with the Snapdragon 690, the graphics rendering speed of this chip is increased by up to 30%, and the CPU performance is increased by up to 15%, which can bring users an immersive gaming experience. At the same time, OPPO K10x starts with 8GB RAM, which leaves more room for the release of game performance. Therefore, I immediately tested the OPPO K10x with two common games on the market-Honor of Kings and Elite for Peace. 1. Glory of the King - High frame rate of 60 frames, the game is more than 30 minutes, the average frame rate is 58.7fps. As can be seen from the frame rate graph, thanks to the Snapdragon 695, OPPO K10x is facing the glory of the king with 60 frames. In addition to entering and exiting the game In addition to the resulting frame rate changes, the frame rate graph during smooth play can basically be stabilized in a straight line. But the more important thing to keep OPPO K10x stable in games is that OPPO K10x brings a black technology this time - the "HyperBoost full-link game frame stabilization technology" that has been well received. This is also one of the few models where this technology is rarely used on thousand-yuan machines. With this technology, relying on core technologies such as graphics heterogeneity and GPA limit frame stabilization, it can effectively solve the problem of players' slow response in the game, and make the mobile game experience high-energy and smooth throughout the process. 2. Peace Elite - 30 frame rate, game for more than 30 minutes, average frame rate 30fps The adaptation is only 30 frames, which can allow players to have a more stable frame during the game. It can be seen from the frame rate graph that there is almost no fluctuation in the frame rate throughout the whole process, the in-game pictures are exquisite, and the loading speed is also faster, allowing players to perform extreme operations to the maximum extent without missing any enemy. The game gave me a big shock, and I found out that the thousand yuan machine can also have such hard-core performance. However, what shocked me even more was the heat dissipation capability of the OPPO K10x. After playing two large games for an hour, the fuselage did not generate excess heat, and the whole process was not even warm. I tested it at room temperature and found that the temperature of the phone was basically kept cool all the time. You must know that in this hot weather, even many flagship machines can become hand warmers after playing high-frame games for half an hour. The super hard core heat dissipation capability of OPPO K10x is all due to its diamond smart cooling system, which is composed of diamond thermal conductive gel + heat pipe + graphite sheet and copper foil, which greatly conducts heat and dissipates heat. In addition, the phone has 4 temperature sensors, which can monitor the case temperature in real time and greatly improve the temperature control effect of the phone. Battery life: Continue OPPO flash charging for a long time. The "hard core" charging OPPO K10x is equipped with a 5000mAh battery + 67W charging and battery life combination. You must know that although the charging rate does not reach the current flagship's 80W, the 67W super flash charging is not to be underestimated. look at. How does it perform, let's take a look at the actual measurement. According to the actual measurement, the OPPO K10x can be charged from 1% to 80% in 33 minutes, and this large 5000mAh battery can be fully charged within an hour, and the efficiency is directly comparable to many 120W high-efficiency flagship machines. Even when the battery is seriously low, it can quickly revive the phone with full blood. Regardless of its fast charging, its charging safety has also been fully guaranteed. OPPO K10x adopts intelligent five-core security protection, through adapter overload protection, flash charging identification, interface overload protection, battery current/voltage overload protection and battery fuse protection. From the charging port to the interface to the internal battery of the mobile phone, it truly creates an all-round safe and intimate charging environment for users. Charging "hard core", then the battery life is of course very "hard core". The large 5000mAh battery of OPPO K10x can bring up to 1.3 days of battery life on a single charge, but what about high-intensity use? How long can it last, let's test it. After three hours of testing with six commonly used software, the power of OPPO K10x dropped from the initial 97% to 56%, and the total power consumption was 41%. It can be seen that the battery life performance is very good. Even if the user uses it at a high intensity, there will be no power anxiety. In terms of hard-core battery life, the machine can be used freely, and it can be used properly for a day when it is used as the main machine. Image: 64 million ultra-clear, "hard-core" depth of field In terms of imaging, OPPO K10x adopts a 64 million ultra-clear three-camera solution. In the daytime scene, it can be seen that the proofs are very clear, the colors are natural, and there is a strong atmosphere sense. In the case of sufficient light, it can take full-detailed, clear and colorful proofs. With the blessing of the 64 million ultra-high-definition camera, even the details of the sky are captured on the machine. (64-megapixel proof) At night or in a dark light environment, it is even more the scene where OPPO K10x "plays wildly". OPPO K10x supports super night scene mode, which can be brighter and clearer when taking photos and videos in dark light scenes, but it will not create a very bright environment, but maintain a very suitable brightness and retain more details , noise is minimized, and highlights and ghosting can also be successfully controlled. (Night scene proofs) On the OPPO K10x, there is also a very hard-core function, that is, the unique portrait mode. In the portrait mode of the OPPO K10x, no matter how the subject moves, it can be grasped and focused in time. And in the beauty effect, it can also retain the most realistic skin quality of the characters. The depth of field effect similar to SLR makes the "portrait mode" of OPPO K10x improved by several grades. (Sample of a selfie while running) Summary: The OPPO K10x can be as hard-core as a thousand-yuan machine. Although the gear is only a thousand-yuan machine, it brings users a hard-core enjoyment by itself, not only in battery life and performance, but also in appearance design, The image strength and so on also give users an extraordinary experience. The OPPO K10x also scored another point for the OPPO K series. The thousand yuan machine market has also been vying for major manufacturers. The high cost performance of all members of the OPPO K series has made the K10x a leader in the road of "hard core cost performance". The thousand yuan machine with very balanced performance, image, appearance, and battery life is believed to be a good choice for many users who are short on money or student parties who have just gone to college. The feeling of "hard core" will make this OPPO K10x starting from 1499 yuan, leave the impression of "value for money" in people's minds.

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