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Want to have more fun at home during the epidemic? Then try Swans passive speakers

Posting time:2023-02-02 08:53:04

Want to have more fun at home during the epidemic? Then try Swans passive speakers

"Youth is only a few years old, and the epidemic accounts for three years." This Internet slogan expresses the helpless voice of many people. Thinking about the days when there was no epidemic before, we could invite three or two friends to go out to play, eat, travel, sing k... However, with the arrival of the epidemic, our leisure activities have also become There are fewer choices, and in order to reduce gatherings, everyone’s time at home is gradually increasing. In order to add some fun to the boring home life, some people have begun to think about purchasing some audio equipment and set up their home as a private theater or listening session. So, let's take a look at several passive speakers of Swans home~ Swans M803A Swans M803A is a three-way stereo passive bookshelf speaker, with a streamlined acoustic box design, with upper and lower panels made of expensive solid wood The side panel with walnut veneer looks unique and attractive as a whole. It can also play a certain decorative role in the living room, showing a noble and luxurious temperament. In terms of unit configuration and electro-acoustic design, the M803A adopts an innovative three-way design of double treble combination plus 6.5-inch large-caliber mid-bass. Among them, the super tweeter is a high-end magnetic belt type super tweeter such as Swans. It uses light and thin Kapton material to coat metal copper foil coils. The vibration quality is lighter, and its transient characteristics are far superior to those of traditional tweeters. The distortion of the sound and the unevenness of the frequency response make the sound accurate and clean; and the 26mm metal dome tweeter adopts the metal diaphragm specially optimized by Swans, which makes it have the advantages of high resolution and low distortion. The combination of the super tweeter can greatly improve the high frequency extension limit and resolution. The sound is bright, transparent, delicate and soft, and the sound field is more open and natural. At the same time, the diaphragm of the mid-bass unit is made of kevlar bulletproof fiber composite material to ensure the natural and accurate sound. The long-stroke natural rubber ring can absorb excess vibration energy, and the shielded magnetic circuit system and long-stroke linear displacement technology provide more powerful The high-quality bass output ensures the linear vibration of the diaphragm at high power, making the low frequency fast, powerful and extremely elastic, allowing us to experience the shocking mid-low frequency sound effects like a movie theater when watching movies at home. In addition, the Swans M803A also has a rear-mounted inverter tube design, which greatly ensures that the air inside the inverter tube has low wind noise at the resonance frequency point, making the low frequency more realistic and shocking; the professional two-wire crossover design ensures that the sound quality is purer and lower distortion, reproduced Real original sound...Are you sure that such a HiFi speaker is not fragrant? The appearance of Swans M3PlusM3Plus continues the classic design style of Swans M series. The cabinet is made of high-quality walnut wood and black matte paint front panel, and the overall shape is simple and elegant. The inclined front baffle design makes the sound axis point directly to the listener's ear, ensuring that the sound can reach the human ear at the same time, bringing a comfortable and good listening experience. The Swans M3Plus, which also adopts a three-way design, perfectly avoids the unnatural listening sense of sound connection caused by setting the crossover point in the middle of the sensitive vocal frequency band due to the two-way acoustic structure. Different from the Swans M803A, the M3Plus uses a 50mm dome midrange unit, and the diaphragm is made of high-quality silk film coated with sound damping material, responsible for the frequency response range of 800Hz-6kHz, covering most musical instruments and vocals. Whether you like pop songs or classical music, M3Plus can handle it easily and bring you a great experience. Swans M3Plus is equipped with two pairs of high-current and high-purity copper terminals of fever-grade level. It adopts bi-wiring design, and can use two power amplifiers to push the mid-treble and bass respectively, which fully reflects the ultimate pursuit of fever. It is simply a HiFi star. Gospel. Swans M1MKII Swans M1MKII inherits the classic shape of the M1 series. The cabinet is handcrafted from expensive solid wood materials, and is equipped with a front panel covered with leather textured flexible materials, which makes the texture of the leather texture and the log cabinet complement each other. Compared with the previous generation M1, the M1MKII not only has a larger volume of the box, but also incorporates new acoustic technology, equipped with a more powerful 6.5-inch large-diameter mid-bass unit and a precision-tuned Hivi and other magnetic field belt tweeters, bringing you the feeling of coming from The legendary shocking new "sound". In the speaker unit configuration, the M1MKII has also undergone a comprehensive upgrade. Among them, the vibration area of ​​the new HiVi and other tape tweeters is twice that of the old M1, and the diaphragm is made of ultra-thin Kapton material, so the high frequency reproduced by the tape tweeter is extremely transparent and clear. In terms of mid-low audio frequency, the 6.5-inch long-stroke mid-bass unit diaphragm is made of high-strength black kevlar bulletproof cloth fiber composite material, and the sound is delicate and accurate; the long-stroke natural rubber ring and high-stability centering support make the unit have excellent damping Features and dynamic stability, so that the M1MKII low frequency dives directly to 40Hz, the shock level is comparable to that of many floor-standing speakers, giving you an immersive home audio and video experience. In general, in this special period when the epidemic is inconvenient to go out and gather together, these three speakers of Hivi can bring new fun to our home life and meet our daily home audio and video entertainment needs. So, friends with ideas can hurry up and arrange it!

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