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System|Real experience after upgrading iOS16 for a few days

Posting time:2023-02-02 09:15:26

System|Real experience after upgrading iOS16 for a few days

I upgraded my iPhone 12 Pro Max to the latest iOS 16 system these days, and my experience will indeed be a little pleasant. I think the biggest experience is its own system fluency. I think the system fluency of iOS16 is really strong! After I upgrade, I do worry about one issue, which is the fluency of the phone. In fact, and in this phone, its fluency performance is not affected, but it is very smooth, and it will be very comfortable when opening and sliding as a whole. Talk about a few places where the experience is very comfortable. The first is the lock screen. I think this functional lock screen is really excellent, because it allows me to perform various operations more quickly, such as alarm clocks, etc. I only need to be on the lock screen interface to easily perform various operations. The second is the battery percentage is still very useful, because the percentage can quickly understand our battery usage and our own battery usage. The third is cutout, you can cutout the content in the photo at will, this experience is quite good. We don't need additional software to do the cutout, which I think makes more sense. In fact, ios16 has many interesting functions. For us, the functions of iOS16 increase the convenience of our mobile phones. It can let us use the mobile phone better in the experience~ So, the question now is whether we should upgrade the iOS16 system? I think there are several situations. The first case. I feel like the iPhone 8 series, and iPhones before the iPhone 12 series can be upgraded to the latest iOS16 system a little later. Because the processor of the old iPhone mobile phone is likely to have certain problems in terms of performance compatibility, it is recommended to upgrade when the system is more stable. The second case. If your phone memory is relatively small, I do not recommend you to upgrade to the highest system, because this will indeed affect the smoothness of the phone, and even make the phone freeze more obvious. The third situation. The iOS16 system is still the first official system, and there may still be problems. We suggest that when you upgrade, we recommend not to upgrade to the official version immediately. In general, you can upgrade to the latest system, but we also recommend that you wait a bit if you have an older phone, or a more stable system.

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