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Prize-winning essay丨My experience with new Apple products

Posting time:2023-02-02 08:51:10

Prize-winning essay丨My experience with new Apple products

The iPhone 14 series products are officially on sale today. Have all the orders received? How is the actual hand experience of the new product? Where did you exceed your expectations? Everyone is welcome to come to the digital tail community to share your real machine experience, and high-quality content has the opportunity to get the blood return fund given by the official tail.

Event Time:

September 16th-October 8th

Event Participation:

▪ In the digital tail community with Publish your subjective comments on Apple's new products in the form of articles, requiring both pictures and texts, and full content; ▪ After the article is published, please leave the title and link of the submitted article in the comment area of ​​this event for the operator to count and recommend.

Note: Operation students will add the activity guide to the first paragraph of each article, please do not delete it!

Creative Guidelines:

▪ Graphic and text suggestions: number of illustrations ≥ 6, no network images, text ≥ 800 words, pay attention to blank lines, typesetting Beautiful; ▪ Suggestions for topic selection: You can start with topics such as horizontal comparison, vertical in-depth, functional interaction, etc., and refuse to pile up parameters.

Creation Case:

iPhone 13 Pro One Month Experience iPhone 13 Camera Operation Guide /b>80% of the data of the likes and comments + 20% of the editor's evaluation. If there are multiple submissions, the one with the best data will be selected for selection.

Activity rewards:

TOP1: 300 yuan Jingdong card + Zhenghao outdoor power bank (worth 5299) TOP2: 150 yuan Jingdong card + Lingshi AX3000 router (worth 1400) TOP3: 100 Yuanjingdong Card + Geduowei smart glasses (valued at 980 yuan) TOP4-TOP6: Divide the following prizes according to the ranking

Activity description:

▪ If the content is reported for plagiarism and copywriting , will be disqualified directly after verification; ▪ Submissions will not be recommended if there are traces of advertising soft text, and the submitted content must be published on the digital tail platform; ▪ The event will officially end on October 8, please pay attention to reserve review and operation recommendation time , to avoid affecting the content data; ▪ The excellent articles of this event will be published on the tail WeChat public account, and submission means that you have known and agreed to this authorization; ▪ The award-winning selection will comprehensively consider the content quality, multiple submissions, and more than one draft. The final adjustment of the number of winners will be made by factors such as votes; ▪ If the registered user violates the platform rules and causes the account to be banned during the event, the qualification will be disqualified or the corresponding reward will be recovered; ▪ The final interpretation right of this event belongs to Digital Tail Company, such as If you have any questions, you can contact the little secretary of the tail by private message in the station.

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