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"One minute information" Apple, OPPO, VIVO, Xiaomi, Huawei, the latest news

Posting time:2023-02-02 07:59:35

"One minute information" Apple, OPPO, VIVO, Xiaomi, Huawei, the latest news

#Header Creation Challenge# Hello, I'm Mao Xiaomao. Follow me, I will take you to know the latest digital information every day! "One Minute Information" Chapter 429, thank you for reading.

iOS 16 Vulnerability Affects iPhone 14 Activation

Apple says users activating new iPhones may experience an issue with Wi-Fi during initial setup Fi couldn't activate the device, and Apple said the issue was "under investigation." Apple previously said that to fix this, users should select "Connect to a Mac or PC with iTunes" when prompted to connect to a Wi-Fi network when initializing iOS, then go back to the previous screen and try again using Wi-Fi, until the activation is successful. At present, Apple has rolled out the iOS 16.0.1 update for the iPhone 14 series, which fixes the activation and migration issues during setup; if you encounter problems activating the iPhone 14, you can upgrade iOS 16.0.1 with a Mac or PC to fix this bug and activate the new iPhone.

8 scenarios with the iPhone 14 Pro's all-weather display off

In a support document published by Apple, the iPhone 14 Pro Supports the all-weather display function, but the screen will be completely dimmed in the following 8 scenarios: 1. iPhone is placed face down 2. iPhone is placed in a pocket or bag 3. Sleep mode is turned on 4. Low power mode is turned on 5. iPhone is connected To CarPlay6. Use the continuity camera7. The user has not used the iPhone for a period of time8. The user wears the Apple Watch away from the iPhone. In addition, some people worry that the iPhone 14 Pro has added the AOD screen display function, which will lead to shorter battery life. In the AOD state, the screen The refresh rate will be reduced to 1Hz to minimize the impact on battery life. Some people have specially tested this. After turning on the AOD mode, it will consume about 1% more power every hour, and the power consumption is basically controllable.

OPPO New Phone Release

OPPO officially launched the new OPPO K10x phone, and has started pre-sale, which will be officially launched at 10:00 am on September 22nd. OPPO K10x is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 chip, uses a 6.59-inch 120Hz refresh rate LCD screen, the screen resolution is 2412×1080, supports 67W fast charging, the original price is 1499 yuan, and the first launch is 1449 yuan.

vivo X Fold+ passed the network access certification

Last month, the new vivo X Fold+ folding screen machine has entered the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and supports 5G network, dual-card dual-standby. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the photo of the machine's network access card, which looks basically the same as the vivo X Fold. In terms of known configurations, the biggest change and upgrade of vivo X Fold+ is that the processor is upgraded to Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. According to information from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, other configurations are equipped with a 4700mAh battery and support 80W wired + 50W wireless fast charging. The overall speed and battery capacity have been upgraded compared to the vivo X Fold. The screen is expected to use the 8.03-inch 2160×1916 resolution, 120Hz refresh rate Samsung E5 material LTPO screen, and support dual ultrasonic screen fingerprint recognition solutions. Rear 50 million main camera + 50 million super wide-angle + 12 million portrait telephoto + 8 million pixel periscope telephoto four-camera solution.

Xiaomi's exclusive Sony IMX 989 will last for half a year

@Digital Chat Station broke the news that next year's 1.5K high-frequency dimming flexible screen, 1-inch super outsole and other parameters You will see repeatedly, which means that many manufacturers use the above hardware on their own models. Among them, the 1-inch super outsole refers to the Sony IMX 989, which was first commercialized by the Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra. Xiaomi Lei Jun has previously stated that the Sony IMX 989 is jointly developed by Xiaomi and Sony. After the Xiaomi 12S Ultra first releases the Sony IMX 989 with a 1-inch super outsole, it will be open to peers for use in the future. Judging from the current exposure time of friends and businessmen, the exclusive period of Xiaomi 12S Ultra to Sony IMX 989 is nearly half a year.

Huawei Mate50 Pro Kunlun glass version orders over 50%

Previously, Huawei Mate 50 series launched the Kunlun glass version, according to the official introduction, it can be used for the whole machine Come 10 times more resistant to falling and usher in an order boom. According to channel sales data, the Mate 50 Pro has become the most popular model for pre-sale in this series. Among them, the Kunlun glass version is widely loved, and more than half of consumers have ordered the Kunlun glass version. In addition, 10+ models including Huawei Mate 30 / Mate 40 / P40 / P50 and other models will support the replacement of Kunlun glass one after another, starting at 589 yuan. Thank you for reading this, it is not easy to create, please follow, like, comment, and forward!

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