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OPPO K10x mobile phone evaluation: not only has a large 5000mAh battery, but also has a 67W flash charge

Posting time:2023-02-02 04:42:37

OPPO K10x mobile phone evaluation: not only has a large 5000mAh battery, but also has a 67W flash charge

In this era when you don't need to bring wallets and various documents, you can easily go out just by taking your mobile phone. I believe that many people's requirements for mobile phones are not only for smooth use, but also for battery life and charging speed. The functions that consumers are most concerned about, after all Sometimes it's really hard to move if your phone is out of battery. Therefore, in response to such demand, major mobile phone manufacturers have also launched products that focus on high battery life, and the just-released OPPO K10x is a mobile phone equipped with a 5000mAh large battery, and also has a 67W super flash charge, allowing everyone to thoroughly Say goodbye to phone battery anxiety. At the same time, OPPO K10x also has a smooth gaming experience, and the positioning of the thousand yuan file is also very close to the people, which is very suitable for students, friends and young people. The overall quality of the mobile phone is full of hard-core design. Although it is a thousand-dollar mobile phone, the OPPO K10x is not inferior to the high-end models in terms of design, texture and material details. The "Super Performance" under the lens module is super strong. The performance slogan and the "10-Kx" model logo in large font next to it are very cool and very hardcore. At the same time, although this phone is equipped with a 5000mAh high-capacity battery, its design is still very thin, with a thickness of only 8.5mm and a weight of only 195g. OPPO K10x mobile phone This time, the OPPO K10x has two color schemes, "Pole Night" and "Aurora". We got the "Pole Night" color scheme. The back panel uses a layer of pure black ink, showing the ultimate black color, adding The texture of the body; at the same time, the micron-level matte body is the same body, and most of the surface of the back cover is matte. You can see the fine graininess from different angles, and bring a delicate and smooth touch. The phone looks very thin and light from the side. The phone uses a side fingerprint to unlock the Type-C port at the bottom and retains the 3.5mm headphone jack. On the screen, the OPPO K10x is equipped with a 6.59-inch 120Hz LCD high-brush screen and supports a touch sampling rate of up to 240hz. You can get a more comfortable visual experience when you slide the screen, experience games and audio-visual entertainment. At the same time, this screen also reaches the DCI-P3 film-level wide color gamut standard, and also has AI smart eye protection function, which can protect our eyes around the clock. The battery life of the OPPO K10x can be charged to 80% in half an hour. One of the major features of the OPPO K10x is the 5000mAh high-capacity battery and 67W super flash charge. Although there are many mobile phones with 5000mAh capacity batteries on the market, the Most of the charging power is within 40W, or the price is several thousand yuan. The OPPO K10x can be regarded as one of the few mobile phones in the thousand-yuan range that has both high battery life and flash charging. First, let's take a look at the battery life of the OPPO K10x. We start the test from 100% full power, turn on the 120Hz mode of the mobile phone, and test by watching 1080P video online, brushing Weibo, Douyin, and playing games. Basically, OPPO K10x has a very good performance for some conventional entertainment video experience, and the battery power can be maintained at about 88% after two hours of uninterrupted video recording. In the game session, both "Genshin Impact" and "Honor of Kings" have turned on the 60-frame high-definition mode. After an hour of gaming, there is still nearly 70% of the power. If it is just for daily use, the OPPO K10x will last a whole day without any problem. In the charging test, it took about 46 minutes for the OPPO K10x to be fully charged from the power-off state. The charging speed is still very fast. You must know that the built-in OPPO K10x is not a 4000mAh or 4500mAh battery, but a 5000mAh large battery. What's more, the mobile phone can be charged more than 80% in half an hour, which can fully meet the battery life needs of going out for a day. In addition, OPPO K10x adopts intelligent five-core security protection, through flash charging identification, interface overload and other protection measures, from the charging head to the interface to the internal battery of the mobile phone, fast charging and more comprehensive security protection. In terms of smooth gaming experience performance beyond the thousand-yuan range, OPPO K10x is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G mobile platform. Compared with the previous generation Snapdragon 690, the graphics rendering speed is increased by up to 30%, and the CPU performance is increased by up to 15%. Coupled with the high refresh rate of 120Hz, this phone also has a good experience in gaming. The high frame rate PerfDog software frame rate results of "Honor of Kings" have been tested, and the OPPO K10x can achieve an average frame rate of 59.8FPS when playing "Honor of Kings". It is worth mentioning that OPPO K10x adopts core technologies such as HyperBoost full-link frame stabilization technology and GPA limit frame stabilization 3.0, which effectively solves the problem of game frame drop and makes the game more stable during operation. The frame rate results of PerfDog software under the 60 frame rate of “Genshin Impact” “Genshin Impact” has higher requirements on the performance of mobile phones. OPPO K10x can also ensure stable output under high load for a long time. The frame rate is 47.8 frames. It is worth mentioning that OPPO K10x adopts core technologies such as HyperBoost full-link frame stabilization technology and GPA limit frame stabilization 3.0, which effectively solves the problem of game frame drop and makes the game more stable during operation. In addition, the mobile phone adopts a diamond intelligent cooling system, 4 different heat dissipation materials and 4 temperature sensors. While the mobile phone is dissipating heat, it can sense the temperature of the mobile phone in real time and perform intelligent temperature control, which greatly improves the temperature control effect of the mobile phone. 64-megapixel main camera for bright and clear night shooting 64-megapixel ultra-clear three-camera combination OPPO K10x adopts a rear three-camera combination for taking pictures, including a 64-megapixel ultra-clear main camera, a 4cm macro lens, and a suitable for portrait shooting. 2-megapixel depth-of-field lens composition. Now, let's take a look at how the camera effect of the mobile phone is. In the daytime scene, the color of the photo taken by the OPPO K10x is true, and the white balance is also normal. The overall picture looks very comfortable, especially in the backlight scene. Details are well preserved. What surprised me when shooting in normal mode is that in super night scene mode, OPPO K10x can better record objects or pictures that were originally dark in the super night scene mode, and the pictures taken are very clear and have no color cast at all. There is no serious smearing feeling when zooming in to see the details. Evaluation summary: Compared with other thousand-yuan mobile phones on the market, the advantages of OPPO K10x are very obvious. On the one hand, the long battery life solution composed of 5000mAh large-capacity battery and 67W brings fast fast charging experience and long-lasting battery life, which can make people feel more at ease; on the other hand, in terms of game audio and video, this phone Both in terms of fluency and heat dissipation, the performance is very good. What's more, the 120Hz high refresh screen and the thin and light feel make this OPPO K10x the first choice for thousand-yuan mobile phones. At present, this OPPO K10x mobile phone has been officially launched on major e-commerce platforms, and the whole system starts with 8GB of running memory. Among them, the 8GB+128GB version is priced at 1499 yuan, the 8GB+256GB version is priced at 1699 yuan, and the 12GB+256GB version is priced at 1999 yuan.

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