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Rapoo VT960S Wireless Gaming Mouse Won the 2022 Black Gold Award V+ Wireless Gaming Technology Empowers New Possibilities

Posting time:2023-02-02 09:05:10

Rapoo VT960S Wireless Gaming Mouse Won the 2022 Black Gold Award V+ Wireless Gaming Technology Empowers New Possibilities

In 2022, the BlackGold Entertainment Hardware Award (BlackGold AWARD, referred to as the Black Gold Award) will be officially announced. Rapoo's innovative product, the VT960S dual-mode wireless super-running gaming mouse, won the 2022 Black Gold Award. Stable support and outstanding tactility, with both performance and cost performance, 1ms response speed, 10m+ wireless transmission performance, triple technology anti-interference, up to 125 hours of wireless battery life, the superior experience of V+ wireless gaming technology has once again gained a good reputation from the public. The supercar shape quickly goes out of the circle, and the "open" is sharply opened. The racing edge brings the possibility of [subverting the imagination]. Under the blessing of V+ technology, it interprets the virtues of [black gold]. The exterior design of the hollow supercar aims to create a sculptural beauty and interpret the multi-level horizontal design language. In the collision of different materials, the 2mm-thick one-piece aluminum alloy palm rest is the most precise. By cooperating with the customized OLED display and the hidden RGB neon lights under the acrylic panel, it forms a powerful performance king. Unaffected by the number of connected devices on the desktop and the complex connection environment, a better scene-based experience, fast-response operations, and stable transmission effects are undoubtedly what wireless gamers pursue. VT960S aims at the needs of more extreme user experience and more fun, and creates a beast of performance. It adopts Rapoo V+ wireless game technology, combines the advantages of independent algorithms with the advantages of cooperative IC, and the dual advantages of software and hardware. Acuity, 3-layer technology anti-interference, 225-hour long battery life, and 10-meter long-distance operation, the wireless gaming experience has been improved to a new height. Personality design is the key, and performance is the key. Original Phase 3370 Gaming Optical Engine, Nordic Low Power Chip, 50-19000DPI Sensitivity, 400IPS Tracking Speed, 50G Acceleration, Omron 50 Million Crisp Feel, Gaming Type 500,000 Scale Feel Wheel, 9-Button Programmable, Board On-board storage and cloud storage custom settings, 600 mAh lithium battery, with calm and precise control strength to feel the competition. Performance and shape interpret wireless game operation to a new boundary, the Rapoo VT960S dual-mode wireless super-running gaming mouse.

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