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The latest news of iQOO 11: maximum storage space of 16GB + 512GB

Posting time:2023-02-02 09:02:59

The latest news of iQOO 11: maximum storage space of 16GB + 512GB

[gearbest News] iQOO, as a brand that attaches great importance to performance, can attract a large number of users' attention every time it releases a new product. When it comes to iQOO's digital flagship model, in the minds of many people, it can be said to be synonymous with extreme performance. Previously, some digital bloggers broke the news that the next blue manufacturers' flagship phones are tentatively scheduled, and one of them is the iQOO11 series. Although the exact release date of the series has not yet been determined, rumors about the iQOO11 series have continued. iQOO mobile phone On September 16, Mobile China learned that a digital blogger broke the information about the storage specifications of the iQOO 11. The blogger said that the iQOO 11 has a maximum storage space of 16GB+512GB. In addition, judging from the discussions of netizens in the comment area, the iQOO11 series currently only has the iQOO11 model, and there may be no Pro version. iQOO11 broke the news According to previous news, iQOO11 will be equipped with a 2K resolution single-hole flexible screen with a screen refresh rate of 120Hz. The screen uses Samsung E6 substrate and supports PWM dimming; it will be equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 mobile platform. More powerful performance; equipped with an outsole main camera and a large battery of 100 watts. However, the authenticity of these revelations cannot be confirmed at present (the blogger has edited and deleted the relevant revelations), and the official has not released any information. The release time of the new phone has not yet been determined, and it is possible that the configuration of the new phone will change after the release.

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