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The ninth stop of the "CNMO Mobile Phone China Red - Sowing Hope and Escorting Dreams" is about to start

Posting time:2023-02-02 10:24:12

The ninth stop of the "CNMO Mobile Phone China Red - Sowing Hope and Escorting Dreams" is about to start

The ninth year of CNMO "Mobile Phone China Red". We worked together to overcome the "Ice Bucket Challenge", helped Gansu orphans "build their dreams and grow up", light up the world for children with low vision, and vowed to be the watchmen of poor students in Hunan across mountains and seas... Through nine years, look back at CNMO's "mobile phone" "China Red" activity, we have mixed feelings. Every connection with the beneficiary group is a seed of hope, and every time we join hands with like-minded partners, it is an escort for a small dream. The ninth stop of the "CNMO Mobile China Red - Sowing Hope and Escorting Dreams" activity (2022 "Mobile China Red - Watching the Dream" topic) Today, "Mobile China Red" has reached its ninth year, and our sincerity is still there. Change, in this special time environment, every little hope deserves to be guarded, and every spark should be passed on. The "Mobile China Red" event hopes to uphold the expectation and watch for the future, and help more people in need. The group will light up the road ahead, let the dream spread its wings, sow hope, and escort the dream! Founded in 2007, CNMO covers digital 3C, computer tablet, smart home, smart car and other high-tech fields. It has won the recognition of users with professional and interesting content, and has gradually grown into a leading technology new media in the industry. As a sub-brand of CNMO, Mobile China has officially launched a series of activities to care for people's livelihood and give back to the society, such as "Mobile China Red" since 2014. In the past 9 years, the responsibility and belief carried by the "Mobile Phone China Red" campaign has been deeply rooted in every CNMO employee, just as Mr. Yu Zhongguo, the founder of CNMO, stated at the launch of the campaign: "Charity is a long-distance running. It's not a passing passion...we want to do our bit to help those in need." It is precisely because of this that CNMO has always adhered to the original intention of the event. Through its own appeal and the generosity of new and old partners, CNMO has donated 458,000 yuan to charities, and has connected with more than 5 regional institutions, and has benefited more than 10,000 people. , the influence has radiated more than 10 million people, and now more and more new partners have joined the "Mobile Phone China Red" activity, and at the same time, it will also enter the groups in need. Zeng Likun, former vice chairman of the Yiyang CPPCC and executive vice chairman of the Populus euphratica Education Foundation, and recipient students donated certificates for the previous Mobile China Red Charity Auction. Motorola, Baseus, Zhenghao Power and other old and new partners who have been accompanying the growth of "Mobile China Red" continue to send hope to the poor students in colleges and universities. In this event, we will continue to cooperate with Hunan Populus euphratica Education Foundation to make targeted donations to poor students in the foundation's counterpart universities. At present in my country, although the goal of poverty alleviation in the new era has been completed as scheduled, there are still some areas that need care and help from all walks of life, especially the poor students in colleges and universities. They represent the hope of future development of towns and villages, and they are more worthy of different areas of concern. Therefore, in order to actively respond to the call of the Association for Poverty Alleviation, vigorously promote the spirit of humanitarianism, and promote the construction of the company's spiritual civilization, this year's "Mobile China Red" will continue to carry out the "funding poor college students" activity. Economically ensure that impoverished college students can successfully complete their studies, and spiritually help impoverished college students to establish a tenacious will of "confidence, self-reliance, and self-improvement", and lay a solid foundation for impoverished college students to integrate into society as soon as possible after graduation and better serve the society. "CNMO Mobile China Red - Sowing Hope, Escorting Dreams" event lot in 2022, the first mock mobile phone China Red" event will be held from September 19th to September 23rd, 10:00-11:00 in the morning, 14:00-16:00 in the afternoon, It will be opened in batches. At that time, we will carry out online charity auction activities on the official Weibo of China and Zhai Secret Weibo, and open charity auctions for the whole society. The auction items include mobile phones, earphones, bracelets, power supplies, speakers and other well-known brand products. The event will last for 5 days, and each day will carry out charity auction activities for different target products. "Sowing hope and escorting dreams", the mobile phone China Red event will continue to continue. We believe that every seeded hope will be opened in the future. To be a beautiful flower, every dream can become the greatest miracle under the care of many parties. Therefore, we once again call on our friends and relatives from all walks of life to join hands with us. We believe that life is soaring because of dreams, and human nature is great because of dreams. Calling for the brilliance of kindness from the bottom of people's hearts, let the seeds of hope spread all over the land of China, and let the color of the miracle of mobile phone China red fill every corner of the world, I believe that you are the possibility of all this, and everything is possible because of you Note: Auction products do not provide invoices, and mobile phone products can be guaranteed with the IMEI number, and the warranty rules are consistent with the product's official website. Accessories can be guaranteed with the product warranty card, and the warranty rules are consistent with the product's official website.

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