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"Honor of Kings" Zhuang Zhoutianxiu's new fantasy skin is online! 710 points for the first week

Posting time:2023-02-02 08:49:11

"Honor of Kings" Zhuang Zhoutianxiu's new fantasy skin is online! 710 points for the first week

[gearbest News] On September 16, the new skin of "Honor of Kings" Zhuang Zhou-Tianxiu Fantasy Dream was officially launched! The new skin is of epic quality, and the price is 710 points for the first week (888 points after the end of the first week). Zhuang Zhoutianxiu's new fantasy skin is online In the new skin, Zhuang Zhou is a game video UP master, he must firmly control every minute and every second of the screen content in the video, and this ability is right on the field. Precise analysis of the situation. When his video received a very high number of views again, and many people left messages asking "Do you have to use a high-end computer" and "the most important thing is editing software?", he only slowly returned three words - imagination. Zhuang Zhoutianxiu's new fantasy skin "What matters is not the tool, but the imagination 1. He always likes to add soothing slow motion to his videos, just like his philosophy of life - in addition to sprinting forward, we also need to slow down and enjoy life." Slow play is a necessary rhythm of life. "Zhuang Zhou Tianxiu's fantasy new skin Zhuang Zhou is the master of the game video UP, but in the Tianxiu team, he is also the brain of the team's tactics. In terms of styling design, Zhuang Zhou-Tianxiu's fantasy clothing is designed as home casual wear, with accessories for eye masks. Used The patterns of the doze symbol and the charging prompt symbol highlight the overall tonality of the character. The design of Kun combines the feeling of the space capsule and the gaming chair, which is more technological. In the special effect design of skills, the new skin is enhanced with yellow and blue The feeling of e-sports is packaged around the theme of sleep and e-sports.

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