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98% favorable rate! OPPO A97 is reliable and durable, long battery life and large memory are the highlights

Posting time:2023-02-02 09:42:38

98% favorable rate! OPPO A97 is reliable and durable, long battery life and large memory are the highlights

In recent years, users have higher requirements for the quality and comprehensive capabilities of mobile phones, and even mid-range phones are often reluctant to compromise easily, so the mid-range phone market is also quite intense. Under such circumstances, OPPO A97 has recently emerged, and has received a 98% super praise rate in a certain East, showing an excellent reputation. As OPPO's best-selling new A-series phone, what exactly has the OPPO A97 received so much praise for? Let's find out. (Some East praise rate) The appearance is always very concerned by users, and the excellent appearance and texture are undoubtedly the basis for the recognition of OPPO A97. The back of OPPO A97 adopts today's trendy design language, and the middle frame adopts a slightly curved chamfer design, that is, it has a pure sense of right-angle frame, and it can also fit the palm of the hand when holding it. At the same time, its fuselage is only 7.99mm thick and 188g heavy, which is quite lightweight and brings a good feel. At the same time of being thin and light, the body of OPPO A97 is packed with a large 5000mAh battery, and with good power consumption control, it is not a problem to use it for a day and a half. In addition, it has 33W super flash charging, with intelligent five-core security protection, the charging speed is guaranteed, and there is no need to worry about safety. The body of the OPPO A97 is not only good-looking, but also its excellent quality. This phone has undergone more than 100,000 rigorous quality tests, including 28,000 micro-drop tests, 1,000 25Kg soft pressure tests, 10-minute continuous rain test, 500,000 power button clicks, etc., which fully guarantees this phone. The durability of long-term use, with 36 months of smooth escort, is not a problem for several years in one breath. At the same time, the guarantee used by OPPO in a large number of offline after-sales outlets across the country is reliable enough before and after sales. Of course, on the basis of durability, easy to use is very important. OPPO A97 has dual surround speakers and a 90Hz colorful screen. It is also tuned for three core scenarios, bringing better sound quality in different scenarios and a more immersive experience in games, videos and other scenarios. In addition, OPPO A97 has also prepared a super volume function, which can double the energy of the speaker to reach 200% super volume. The high-pitched scene has been specifically tuned, and the sound is loud enough without breaking the sound. Software is the key to improving the user experience in addition to hardware. The OPPO A97 uses the ColorOS 12.1 system. Under the blessing of the new system, OPPO A97 has practical functions such as super recording, super text, children's space, and smart sidebar, which makes the daily experience more perfect. You can rest assured that this phone can not only choose 12G large memory, but also has RAM + storage expansion technology to ensure smooth daily life and more smooth applications. As a mid-range phone, it is normal to choose to compromise on photography, but the OPPO A97's shooting capabilities are not bad, with 48 million ultra-clear pixels, and front-facing portrait beauty to meet daily needs. In addition, it is worth mentioning that this mobile phone has game-related functions such as game antenna, super lightning start 2.0, stepless frame stabilization technology 3.0, and game barrage, which makes daily games more comfortable, and the experience of daily playing "Honor of Kings" is still the same. Not bad. In the case of the internal volume of the mid-range machine, the OPPO A97 can maintain a high praise rate, obviously catching the needs of users. It doesn't have many exaggerated gimmicks, but it does a good job of quality, and will do quite well in terms of appearance, fluency, sound effects, and systems. It is indeed a good choice among the current mid-range machines.

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