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Are AirPods Pro 2 worth buying? Compare Android flagship noise-cancelling headphones to see the difference

Posting time:2023-02-02 09:18:39

Are AirPods Pro 2 worth buying? Compare Android flagship noise-cancelling headphones to see the difference

Apple is undoubtedly the leader in true wireless noise-cancelling headphones, and the recently released AirPods Pro 2 have received a lot of attention. The AirPods Pro 2 is not expected to go on sale until September 23, and it is still some time before the official release. I believe many people are still wondering whether it is worth the first time to start? Today, I will use AirPods Pro 2 to compare Android flagship noise-cancelling headphones to get a more comprehensive look at this product. The upgrade of AirPods Pro 2 is multi-faceted, and it is 100 yuan cheaper than the previous generation, which is indeed quite excellent. It is reported that AirPods Pro 2 is equipped with a new H2 chip, which has twice the active noise reduction capability, supports adaptive transparency mode, and has a better noise reduction experience. At the same time, it has personalized spatial audio, more earbud sizes, stronger battery life, and accurate charging box search, and the comprehensive user experience has been improved.

The sound quality is not bright enough

However, as a headphone, the sound quality is undoubtedly the most basic, but the sound quality of the AirPods Pro 2 is just One of its biggest regrets. Today, most Android flagship phones and Android flagship noise-cancelling headphones support multiple Bluetooth encoders. For example, OPPO Enco X2 supports quite a few encoders, supporting SDC, AAC, LHDC 4.0+ (OPPO mobile phones), LDAC, HiRes certification, full-link Hi-Res high-resolution transmission (OPPO devices), which can provide better sound quality transmission. Apple still uses AAC, and the transmission rate is the same as SBC, with a maximum of only 328Kbps. Since it can accommodate a maximum of 48 channels of audio tracks, the sampling rate is 96KHz, and the upper limit of hearing is not high. In addition to the gap in decoding ability, the sound quality of Apple's "plain water" is also an unavoidable slot for AirPods Pro 2. Compared with Apple's "plain water", today's Android flagship noise-cancelling headphones have their own characteristics. For example, Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 has a tall Devialet tuning, bringing a different sound experience. The OPPO Enco X2 is in cooperation with Dynaudio, and has been tuned by Hisaishi, and has its own unique sound quality.

Noise reduction upgrade, there are rivals

The sound quality of AirPods Pro 2 is indeed a flaw, but the noise reduction capability is undeniably powerful , judging from the current parameters, it can be said to be a higher grade, and the actual noise reduction experience is worth looking forward to. However, there are also products with excellent noise reduction ability in the Android camp. For example, the noise reduction ability of Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro is very good, with 48dB/4kHz ultra-wideband dual-feed active noise reduction. Some people have tested it before and it is highly close to AirPods Pro, which can fully satisfy Everyone's noise reduction needs.

Interactive experience, practical lanyard

Based on the improvement of noise reduction capabilities, AirPods Pro 2 improves the interactive experience, and OPPO's Sliding to adjust the volume has the same effect, and the experience of adjusting the volume is much better than the previous generation. In terms of voice interaction, Apple's voice assistant is not bad, and Android will have more advantages and creativity. Taking Green Factory as an example, OPPO Enco X2 has wake-up-free voice command recognition. You don't need to deliberately call the name of the voice assistant, just say it directly. Commands such as "previous/next, pause/play" are sufficient. In addition, it is worth affirming that AirPods Pro 2 also has its own unique features. Although the newly introduced lanyard hole is not innovative, it is quite user-friendly. Apple considers more, and it may also be that users complain that losing headphones is too serious. However, it is worth complaining that the price of the lanyard in the official mall is indeed too high, and it is not recommended. You can find a suitable lanyard yourself. AirPods Pro 2 has obvious advantages and disadvantages. In the case of a relatively high price, it has obvious advantages, the experience has been upgraded, and it has its own regrets. And Android's noise-cancelling headphones have indeed caught up with Apple in many aspects under the catching up in recent years, and they have also made their own advantages, which is indeed not easy. Nowadays, the experience of flagship noise-cancelling headphones is quite good, and they are all worth buying. Both AirPods Pro 2 and Android flagship noise-cancelling headphones have their own advantages. Combined with different prices, I believe everyone can make their own choices.

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