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The young Zhao Xiaohui is also using Huawei MateBook E Go to help you in a multi-faceted workplace, one copy is enough

Posting time:2023-02-02 08:09:31

The young Zhao Xiaohui is also using Huawei MateBook E Go to help you in a multi-faceted workplace, one copy is enough

"Don't laugh at get off work, go to laugh after work", "work engineering dog, walk with the piano after get off work", more and more young people are becoming "two-in-one youth", developing a sideline of personal interest after get off work. For example, talk show actress Zhao Xiaohui is a two-in-one youth, and her other identity is a worker in the workplace. Just when Zhao Xiaohui was looking for a balance between work and hobbies, the two-in-one notebook Huawei MateBook E Go became her new partner. With the strong productivity and emotional support of Huawei MateBook E Go, it helps Zhao Xiaohui to become a two-in-one youth who shines under the multiple identities of work and talk show actor. Slim and ever-changing, unlimited office scenes As you can see from the video jointly shot by Zhao Xiaohui and Huawei MateBook E Go, as a workplace worker, Zhao Xiaohui uses the notebook form of Huawei MateBook E Go to process documents, Reply to emails and write proposals. As a stage humor actress, Zhao Xiaohui uses the tablet form of Huawei MateBook E Go with a stylus to record inspiration at any time. The rounded frame design of Huawei MateBook E Go makes it more comfortable to hold. In addition, Huawei MateBook E Go also has a split form and a stand form. For example, on a business trip, you can use the notebook form to work on the small desk of the high-speed rail. If you feel that the space is too small, you can remove the keyboard, enter the split form, put the host on the tabletop, and put the keyboard on your lap to type. If you need to participate in a remote video conference, open the stand, enter the stand form, and adjust the 120°-160° variable angle to free your hands. One of the key needs of mobile office equipment is portability. Huawei MateBook E Go adopts innovative ID and architecture design, making the body as light as 710g and as thin as 7.68mm, which is one of the thinnest products in the 2-in-1 notebook category. Such a thin and light 2-in-1 notebook, 2-in-1 young people can carry it elegantly and calmly no matter what their status is. Combined with the two main colors of Nebula Gray and Snow White, and four different keyboards of Nebula Gray, Snow White, Interstellar Blue, and Sakura Pink are available, so that the two-in-one youth can show fashion and style in smart colors. personality. Full-time online, enjoy the freedom of mobile office 2-in-1 The office space of young people is very diverse. How to get a stable network connection in the scene where there is no public WiFi, such as on the train, in the subway, in the snow, on the beach, etc.? Huawei MateBook E Go not only supports up to Wi-Fi 6, but its standard version also supports LTE mobile network, which can be kept online like a mobile phone, without worrying about lack of WiFi. Huawei also uses the multi-device communication sharing technology to realize the sharing of the cellular network of the mobile phone with the Huawei MateBook E Go, so that it can use the Huawei mobile phone to surf the Internet. The battery life is the pain point of traditional 2-in-1 notebooks, and users often encounter the embarrassment of insufficient power at the critical moment of the office. Huawei MateBook E Go is equipped with a 45.8Wh large-capacity battery, which can last up to 7 hours in typical office usage scenarios, and also supports 65W super fast charging. Such a combination will greatly improve the battery life and ensure that the two-in-one youth go out to work without power. Ecological integration, in addition to solving the industry's pain points with many unique Huawei technologies, Huawei also relies on its own technological advantages to create a number of ecological integration and intelligent interactive experiences to make users work more efficiently. For example, after some mobile phones have been upgraded to HarmonyOS 3, they can also achieve a "horizontal large window" with MateBook E Go to get a better mobile application experience on the desktop; multi-device communication sharing allows MateBook E Go to share the network capabilities of mobile phones; new The "super transfer station" function of the device is especially suitable for collecting and using data between different applications of the machine. It does not require frequent switching. It can complete the complex switching operations in the past with one collection, one transportation, and one use. It will also support cross-device switching in the future. circulation. Huawei MateBook E Go with the new second-generation HUAWEI M-Pencil stylus can achieve more experience. The stylus has the ability of one-click excerpt, global annotation, and switch eraser. One-click excerpt can quickly select the screen area with a stylus, and write and annotate the selected area, and the saved picture can be shared with others. The global annotation can write and comment on the content displayed on the screen, and supports sliding up and down. Moreover, Huawei MateBook E Go combines a lot of optimizations and improvements for touch operation in Windows 11, so that it can automatically adapt to the usage scene, ensuring that you can get first-class productivity and operation efficiency whether you use a keyboard, mouse or finger touch. Unlike previous generations, this generation of young people hopes to obtain more spiritual satisfaction in addition to a decent job, rather than just acting as "tool people". Therefore, they become "two-in-one youth" and gain more sense of value in their hobbies. The representative of 2-in-1 technology, Huawei MateBook E Go, meets the needs of 2-in-1 youth, not only providing them with productivity support, but also giving them the identity of "2-in-1 youth". Huawei MateBook E Go helps two-in-one youths like Zhao Xiaohui efficiently cope with each identity and realize a multi-faceted workplace. One copy is enough. On September 21st, go to Huawei Mall, buy MateBook E Go and enjoy a 100 yuan discount for the first sale, and there are 3 interest-free periods, and a mouse will be given as a gift for good reviews. Don't miss it if you like it.

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