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Xpeng Motors City NGP has started a pilot program in Guangzhou and will be rolled out to some P5 users in succession

Posting time:2023-02-02 10:13:29

Xpeng Motors City NGP has started a pilot program in Guangzhou and will be rolled out to some P5 users in succession

IT House reported on September 17 that autonomous driving technology has gradually moved from infancy to maturity. Xiaopeng Motors is now announcing that the first mass-produced high-level intelligent assisted driving in urban scenes is coming! The Xiaopeng Motors City NGP has already started piloting in Guangzhou, and will be rolled out to some Xpeng P5 users in the near future, and will be released in full as soon as possible. Since then, Xiaopeng's assisted driving function can cover 90% of users' travel scenarios, and data shows that the urban NGP traffic efficiency is close to 90% of the manual navigation time. According to the official introduction of Xiaopeng Motors, "safety" is the first principle of urban NGP development. It adopts the industry's first multi-sensing fusion scheme, and sensing components such as cameras, millimeter-wave radar, and lidar complement each other, which constitutes the most safety redundancy. The excellent 360° perception system, compared with the single lidar + roof layout, Xpeng Motors adopts the dual lidar + front layout scheme on the P5 and G9, which has a wider horizontal viewing angle and a smaller vertical viewing angle. In the urban traffic of "close game", it can better deal with the problems of mixed flow of people and vehicles, pedestrian crossing, close cut, special-shaped roadblocks/traffic participants and so on. Before users want to use the city NGP, they need to watch the safety video and pass the exam, understand the functional boundaries and master the correct usage. In addition, the first thing to face when using urban NGP is the "novice mode": by fully experiencing the capabilities and limitations of the system on suitable road sections, familiar with the interaction of the human-machine co-pilot system, using the urban NGP for a cumulative driving of more than 100 kilometers and the distance from the first activation After the function reaches 7 days, all available road segments are unlocked. The full name of NGP is automatic navigation assisted driving, which is a product of Xiaopeng Motors XPILOT 3.0 automatic driving assistance system. Relying on NGP, the vehicle can realize automatic navigation assisted driving from point A to point B based on the navigation route set by the user. IT House learned that after the NGP automatic navigation assisted driving is turned on, it can display a 360° viewing angle around the vehicle, environment simulation, speed limit indication, construction reminders, etc. At present, domestic car companies are developing their own assisted driving systems, such as Weilai NOP, Xiaopeng NGP, and Ideal NOA. It is reported that Xpeng Motors City NGP will be released after obtaining relevant approvals such as high-precision city maps, and gradually increase the number of cities covered; Xpeng G9, equipped with the next-generation intelligent assisted driving platform, will also be launched on September 21, and will be launched in the fourth quarter. Achieve large-scale delivery; next year, Xiaopeng Motors will launch 2 new models based on the new platform. "Xpeng Motors City NGP Engineering Edition Autonomous Driving Demonstration: 26 km 0 takeover in downtown Guangzhou"

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