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Autumn equinox time, camping time, bring your middle way bluetooth speaker

Posting time:2023-03-26 03:36:17

Autumn equinox time, camping time, bring your middle way bluetooth speaker

The beginning of autumn has passed, and the autumn equinox is approaching. Many friends in the north have put on long sleeves to feel the warm autumn sun. The yellow leaves of the trees fell on the roadside in waves of autumn wind, and even when they returned to the work station, they fell asleep in the spring and autumn. At this time, what you should do is to adjust yourself, feel the style of autumn, and feel the charm of nature. Camping is undoubtedly an excellent choice. Just like the scene in the anime "Swaying Camping", in camping, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, no one urges you to do one thing after another. Light a small fire with a portable stove, boil a pot of hot soup in the pot, and have some music, it would be better. Nakamichi THRILL is outdoors, the only thing that makes us feel bored is that there is no sound at all; even under the chatter of nature, music is needed to embellish the atmosphere; if the camping you want is an outdoor party, you should bring it with you Sound, turn the audience around. As a portable Bluetooth speaker, THRILL has an ultra-long battery life of 11 hours. Even if you are far away in the wild, you don’t have to worry too much about battery problems. Just put it as you want. Bluetooth 5.0 makes connections faster, reduces latency, and preserves the best sound quality. At the same time, the passive basin design is adopted, and the bass is very shocking, driving the rhythm of the audience. IPX7 water resistance means that it can easily handle almost any kind of water flow, and it can still be played when it falls into a river. If you have multiple Nakamichi devices, you can also connect two speakers to play together to form a simple stereo, so that everyone present can enjoy the joy of music. Nakamichi PUNCH is one of the options for camping, but the speaker becomes a stumbling block for your next step because it is difficult to carry. As a loudspeaker with high power, the PUNCH is inevitably much larger. Nakamichi's designers have added a strap buckle to it, and three colors are available, making it your fashion item. The pillow-shaped design is as delicate as a satchel. The larger size of the PUNCH means that its performance will not be bad. Two 20w and two 6w speakers are used in total, which can make the audience feel the agitation of the music even if it is placed on the football field. The use of the Bluetooth 4.2 protocol makes the maximum distance reach the farthest about 10m, and the playback time has reached 10 hours. It can be said that the music will not stop if people do not stop. Summary: The autumnal equinox is here, and the so-called high autumn air is this time. If you don't experience camping again, you have to wait until the early spring of next year, which is another scene. The friendship and serenity in Swing Camp is not what we are looking for now. Bring three or five friends, bring Nakamichi's Bluetooth speakers, escape the city, and have a happy camping trip.

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