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The 2022 Google Developers Conference will be held, and the offline experience will return with many surprises

Posting time:2023-03-26 08:36:18

The 2022 Google Developers Conference will be held, and the offline experience will return with many surprises

From September 14th to 15th, the 2022 Google Developer Conference was officially held. This time, the developer conference was launched online and offline at the same time after a long absence, providing an event center for developers and technology enthusiasts to reunite offline. Among them, the offline participation site is set at the Shanghai World Expo Center. Not only a lot of propaganda content will be announced at the conference, but also a lot of offline activities and exhibitions, so that the fun of the on-site experience of the conference has been returned. This conference brought the latest developments of 24 product lines and topics, and there were 80+ technical keynote speeches, which brought a lot of dry goods to the participants. If you want to explore more deeply after the conference, you can also go to the official website of the developer conference to get the updated information on Google's development tools and technologies as soon as possible, and learn about a wealth of cutting-edge cases and resources. For offline interaction points, Google brings a wealth of interesting technology and product display areas, including the display and experience of new versions of Android and other system features, TensorFlow & machine learning areas, and a series of Google services, etc. , you can also get a series of small gifts by participating in the check-in. At the conference, there is also a partner forum that gathers Google technical experts, important Google industry partners, developer platform experts and senior overseas experts, which can show deeper and broader industry insights and facilitate developers and technology enthusiasts. Communicate together to create a more prosperous and open global ecosystem. If you also plan to join the developer industry, Google also provides continuously updated Google developer online courses, including 130+ free Chinese courses, which can help you achieve technical advancement more efficiently. In addition to the Google Developer Conference, Google has also brought a wealth of developer platform activities, such as "Code For Better Community Series Collection Activities", "Code For Better_ Hackathon Competition" and "Code For Better Growth Training Camp", etc. If If you are confident in your development capabilities, sign up for these rewarding events.

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