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Baidu input method innovatively launched "AI Kankan" to meet the emotional sustenance of young people

Posting time:2023-02-02 08:40:37

Baidu input method innovatively launched "AI Kankan" to meet the emotional sustenance of young people

Baidu input method currently maintains a leading edge among many third-party input methods with a monthly active population of 600 million, but in the context of fierce competition in the industry, to maintain a firm foothold, it has to carry out continuous innovation. The solution to the Baidu input method is to add the "AI Kankan" function. Judging from the current environment, young people aged 18-25 are under pressure from various environments, including pressure from family, study, work, etc., and the word "anxiety" emerges spontaneously. As an emotional companion virtual blogger designed for young people aged 18-25, "AI Kankan" can bring a real chat experience, satisfy the emotional fantasy of men or women, and combine unconditional listening, healing and other functions. Bring spiritual sustenance to young people. The "AI Kankan" function is an AI friend who talks about everything, and 24-hour companionship is essential. You can find it in the APP-My-Activity Center. The male character Lin Kaikai is a 22-year-old sunshine milk dog. younger brother, while the female character Ye Youyou is a 27-year-old sweet and cool sister. Whether it's Lin Kaikai or Ye Youyou, they can reply to your messages anytime, anywhere. Targeting Youyou can also give you emotional comfort, and also give you the power of independence and self-confidence. In terms of chatting, the chat of "AI Kankan" is very intelligent, which is completely different from the usual AI chatbot, so that you will not feel embarrassed during the chatting process. When you talk to the AI ​​about your thoughts, the Ta will in turn ask you some targeted questions to help you better relieve your psychological pressure. Interestingly, Ta can also bring a video wake-up function. After setting the time, Ta will take the initiative to make a video to wake you up. In addition, there is a sleep coaxing function. AI will read poems to you or put white noise to make you better. of falling asleep. During the chat, you can also accumulate intimacy, and as the level increases, you can unlock more functions, such as unlocking mysterious bedtime stories when you upgrade to LV. Good morning. That is to say, Ta will bring more surprises in each in-depth chat, allowing you to be better immersed in it. The intelligence of "AI Kankan" is also that when facing the same questions from different people, Ta can bring different responses, including some sultry words; Ta share some secrets and so on, Ta will remember everything you said. Virtual idols have already exploded in the Chinese market in 2021 and have received a lot of attention. The addition of Baidu's input method "AI Kankan" not only brings spiritual sustenance to young people, but also shows the advantages of Baidu's input method in products. Innovation ability to bring better product experience to more users.

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