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Great value for sale! 16G memory falls below 200 yuan

Posting time:2023-03-26 10:44:44

Great value for sale! 16G memory falls below 200 yuan

Text | Editor-in-Chief Tang Crystal | Editor-in-Chief Lv Dongxing | Tang Di gamers or daily office workers will definitely need a large-capacity memory, and now the editor recommends a super-premium 16G large-capacity memory stick of Jinbaida, Jingdong Flash The purchase price is only 199 yuan, and the event will end at 0:00 on September 24th. It is super cost-effective, and you can earn it when you grab it. Hurry up and buy it. This memory stick is a dedicated Intel memory stick, with the same price-performance ratio and performance. Select high-quality chips, multi-layer PCB boards, and test compatibility layer by layer to ensure the reliable stability and stability of the memory. Jinbaida memory greatly improves the bandwidth and significantly improves the game performance. It can have a high-efficiency and smooth experience in game competition, graphics design, etc. With the blessing of metal vests, it can efficiently dissipate heat, durable and stable performance, easy to deal with office entertainment, to meet the daily entertainment office and game players on various platforms. Purchase can enjoy the service of replacement and seven-day unconditional return. (8025091)

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