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Great and useful zone washing machine in 2022! TCL Gemini Q10 take a look

Posting time:2023-03-26 11:27:50

Great and useful zone washing machine in 2022! TCL Gemini Q10 take a look

At present, most families usually only use one washing machine. Underwear, outerwear, adults and children's clothes are either washed in combination, causing health risks; or they are washed in batches, which increases the washing burden. If you choose to add a washing machine, the demand for space, water and electricity will increase exponentially. Therefore, users urgently need a washing machine product that can be partitioned without taking up additional space. Throughout the market, there are tens of thousands of duplex partition washing machines, which are unbearable for ordinary families. TCL recently released a partition washing machine named TCL Gemini Q10. During the first release, it was equivalent to an ultra-low price of 6,999 yuan. It also shows that TCL allows more families to have duplex partition washing machines and enjoy healthy and intelligent washing. way of determination. So what's so special about this TCL Gemini Q10 washing machine, can it become the "next washing machine" for our ordinary family? Below I will take you to understand in detail. It is reported that the TCL twin-cabin duplex partition washing machine Q10 has the world's largest 6KG top drum, with a rated volume of 42L, which is the largest top drum capacity in the market. Compared with the industry-standard 4KG upper drum, the extra 2KG washing capacity of the TCL Twin Cabin Q10 is not just as simple as adding a few more pieces of clothing; at the same time, the diameter of the upper drum’s clothes taking port has also increased, reaching 360mm, exceeding the industry standard. 53%; the upper cylinder diameter reaches 510mm, exceeding the industry standard 42%. This means that the upper tub is no longer exclusive to baby clothes, giving this partition washing machine more daily application scenarios. The TCL twin cabin Q10 lower drum provides 10 kg of washing capacity and 7 kg of drying capacity, which can also be used in the face of daily large-scale washing and care. In terms of motors, the upper and lower binoculars of the TCL Gemini Q10 are equipped with Nidec's direct-drive variable-frequency motors, which rotate directly to drive the drums coaxially, which can achieve noise reduction from the source. While ensuring surging power, it also achieves stability and quietness when the dual cylinders operate at the same time. The washing noise is as low as 45 decibels, and it will not disturb sleep even in quiet nights. It is a proper black technology! In addition, different from the BLDC belt motor, the DD direct-drive inverter washing machine can realize uninterrupted forward and reverse rotation. In the same time period, the number of washings is more, and the cleaning degree is also higher. Traditional washing machines cannot solve the problems caused by bacteria leftover and mixed laundry, which in turn endangers the wearing health of users. In terms of sterilization ability, TCL Gemini Q10 did not disappoint. In addition to the healthier and better washing effect brought by zone washing itself, UVC sterilization function, the sterilization rate is as high as 99.99%, and the mites removal rate reaches 99.99%. 100%, make health more secure. In addition, due to the situation of cross-color mixing of clothes of different colors, the duplex partition structure of the TCL twin cabin Q10 can also be used to achieve classified and synchronized washing. It is worth mentioning that the TCL Gemini Q10 is equipped with the third-generation ion wind technology. When the drying system is running, it can simultaneously release 16 million/cm² of high-concentration negative oxygen ions. It is transported to the fibers of the clothes, reducing the static electricity of the fibers, making the fibers of the clothes smooth and not frizzy. At the same time, negative oxygen ions can be combined with bacteria and viruses in the air to quickly inactivate them, and effectively absorb dust and odors, achieving multiple nursing effects such as removing odors, sterilizing mites, absorbing dust, and fluffy clothes. Not only that, but TCL Gemini Q10 users have designed an AI smart delivery box. For many people, the amount of detergent added is a problem, and the design of the TCL Gemini Q10 can easily solve it. The delivery port is ergonomically designed and can be operated without bending over. In addition, it adopts a touch screen design, and the cabin door is equipped with an ultra-wide touch color screen, which provides users with dozens of customized washing programs. For different types of clothes, just touch the corresponding button, the logic is clear, The operation is more intelligent and convenient. It can be said that the humanized black technology ability has been fully loaded on this washing machine. The TCL Gemini Q10 brings the most exclusive care to the clothes. In fact, it is more like a family's classification and care expert, understand What you need, strength to protect the health of your family's clothing. In terms of price, the price of TCL's twin-cabin duplex partition washing machine Q10 is also surprising. The starting price is 7999 yuan, and a consumer experience gold of 1000 yuan can also be given, which is equivalent to the hand price of 6999 yuan. This is the first time the price of high-end partition washing machines has come. less than ten thousand yuan. Interested friends can immediately move to Jingdong to search for the TCL Gemini cabin to place an order!

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