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Discovery joins hands with MediaTek to create Sensational Imaging Partnership Program

Posting time:2023-03-26 08:30:25

Discovery joins hands with MediaTek to create Sensational Imaging Partnership Program

On September 21st, Discovery and MediaTek jointly released the "Chasing Incredibles Imaging Collaboration Program - Discovery and Beyond" program, which tells the story of innovative imaging technology bringing new power to creators. It aims to demonstrate the breakthrough of MediaTek Dimensity 5G mobile chip in imaging technology. In this regard, Dr. Xu Jingquan, Deputy General Manager of MediaTek and General Manager of the Wireless Communication Division, said: "The Dimensity series 5G mobile chips are a milestone in MediaTek's road of innovation. With the evolution of architecture and energy efficiency, breakthrough computing performance is achieved. Bringing advanced cutting-edge technology to users. Discovery is good at telling stories with lenses. During the cooperation between the two parties, producers and directors have tested the imaging capabilities of Dimensity chips with professional, rich and even rigorous creative methods. We look forward to more Many consumers can see the imaging technology of MediaTek Dimensity, understand the power that Dimensity brings to smartphone shooting performance, and the leap forward for the experience of video creators." "Chasing Incredibles Extreme Imaging Cooperation Program - Discovery "Leap to Extraordinary" was conducted by three professional videographers from Discovery, using mobile phones equipped with MediaTek Dimensity 9000 chips to conduct documentary scene scouting. They are Discovery senior producer Allan Mao Xiaoke from Beijing, British documentary photographer Ricardo Afonso, and Scottish director of photography Brian McDairmant. The shooting content this time covers architecture, scenery, humanities and other content. It shows the optimization and upgrade of the Dimensity 9000 processor in terms of imaging. MediaTek's next-generation flagship processor is expected to be released this year.

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