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New season: iPhone 14 Pro first experience

Posting time:2023-03-26 03:11:11

New season: iPhone 14 Pro first experience

On September 16th, I received a call from the EMS guy, asking me to bring my ID card downstairs to pick up the goods, but who has nothing to do with an ID card all day? Fortunately, I drove to commute that day, and went to the parking lot to get my driver's license, so I successfully took my new iPhone from my brother. From XR to 12Pro Max, to 13Pro, to today's 14Pro, only this phone was grabbed at the first launch. Why did you change the 13Pro after less than a year? Because 13 doesn't work? Or really hate the old? In fact, to be honest, it is not. There is only one reason, that is, the high pixel that I fancy is finally here! 48 million is what I wanted to have as soon as I saw it. Because I like photography, when I bought my first camera, the most important factor to choose is high pixels, so I am used to the Sony a7r4, and I am very familiar with the operation of cropping and re-composing. Up to now, the new iPhone 14 has been used for 72 hours. Let me talk about my views on this phone from the aspects of appearance and camera experience. I hope it can give some reference to those who are ready to change or hesitate. Part 1 Appearance From the packaging, it can be seen that this year Apple is actually focusing on the front, not the image part... But what I like about it is that it is so different. Speaking of subjective feelings, the senses of Smart Island are actually not abrupt, and it is really more practical than bangs, although it is a small island off the mainland. The official iPhone 14 Pro case that has been unveiled is a must-have for every iPhone I have, and it is also the longest-used protective case. Although it is very expensive, when I get out of the machine after each replacement, the thoughts I leave behind There is only this leather case full of pulp. The same color makes it difficult for others to notice that I have changed my mobile phone... After all, when I see you taking a new mobile phone, the sound coming from it is not very pleasant. This year's focus, like a photo, is on this increasingly obtrusive lens module. The second part of the camera experience of the new iPhone and its predecessors wearing the coat of heart Combine pictures and share with everyone. Let's take a macro primer first. The new flash is when I put the camera in the petals, and the very accurate flash fully reflects the details. The gardener is watering the plants and can still see the rainbow. This is the cropped photo taken by the 1x 48MP main camera of the duckling recorded at 2x telephoto. This is also a cropped part. At the moment when Cuckoo took off, the 2x telephoto shot was facing the light, and the ghosting was improved compared to the previous generation. In fact, to avoid ghosting, you need to manually adjust the shooting angle. Backlight Macro 2x Telephoto 1x Perspective Crop 2x Perspective Crop 3x Perspective Crop 1x Perspective Ultra Wide Angle Times, 3 times, 0.5 times, so it seems that Apple did not use three lenses this time to give us the choice of 4 focal lengths, but five focal lengths. After the filming, the feeling is satisfactory, but also contradictory, the specific content is as follows. Satisfaction:
  • High-pixel image quality, even after cropping, there is still not much smearing or excessive sharpening;
  • The stability of macro shooting is better, solve the problem In order to solve the problem that the 13Pro frequently switches lenses during shooting, the filming rate is low;
  • The improvement of 2x and 3x image quality is visible to the naked eye;
  • Computational photography has always been Participating, but intentionally downplaying traces of computation.
  • Contradiction:
  • A 48-megapixel photo with a maximum of 100MB, which also explains why I choose the 1T version;
  • The high pixel brings The processing speed is also very slow. It takes 1-3 seconds to click the shutter button for a finished film;
  • The color grading in Lightroom will be very dark, which may be due to the software adaptation and can not find a suitable reference. document.
  • The above are some of my feelings after using the new iPhone14 Pro for 72 hours. It is not very comprehensive and will be updated continuously in the future. As for whether to change the mobile phone or not, I don't think it really matters. If you have the conditions, you can change it. If you like to experience digital toys, you can really try it. However, if you are a 12-13 user, you are not very interested in high pixels, so there is no need to upgrade. Of course, if you plan to upgrade, then the memory should be at least 512, otherwise it will be a time-consuming and troublesome experience to filter photos every day.

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