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Huawei Watch now supports WeChat! Is it your dish? The most comprehensive introduction, an article to understand

Posting time:2023-03-26 08:59:30

Huawei Watch now supports WeChat! Is it your dish? The most comprehensive introduction, an article to understand

After the release of Huawei watch products, there are always people commenting on the Internet, "If you can install WeChat, I will buy it." Huawei watch does have such a situation, that is, when WeChat has news, it can be pushed to the watch, but it is only viewed as ordinary news. At the Huawei's new product launch conference on September 6, 2022, Huawei officials announced that the WeChat Watch Edition is coming. Now that the WeChat Watch Edition is really here, the little friends who said they bought it when they had WeChat, do you plan to buy it? Don't rush to answer, let's take a look at the WeChat watch version first. The Huawei watch model in our hands is Huawei WATCH GT3, which is already based on the HarmonyOS2 system. When pushing the system update, the update log marked a new WeChat watch version. Those who haven't seen the WeChat watch version don't have to go to the app store to find it, just wait for the update to be pushed. At present, the version number of the WeChat watch version is 1.0. When logging in, a QR code will be displayed on the watch, and then the mobile phone scans the code for authorization to complete the login. After that, the top of WeChat on the mobile phone will be displayed on other devices to log in. When you don’t want to use it, you can log out on the watch, or you can control the remote logout on the mobile phone. After installing the WeChat watch version and logging in, when you receive WeChat text and picture messages, the watch will display it directly, and there will be an additional reply button. When you click it, you can directly enter the reply interface of the WeChat watch version. It should be noted that Huawei Sports Health will turn on the smart reminder function by default. When the watch detects that it is worn, the watch will vibrate to remind and the phone will be silent after receiving the information. This feature can be turned off and still let the watch and phone alert at the same time. The push and chat interface of the WeChat watch version can currently display text information and picture information, and also save the corresponding chat records, including the chat records of WeChat groups. Speaking of this, I suddenly feel a little uneasy. With the storage capacity of the watch, how does it save chat records? At present, videos and custom emoticons cannot be displayed on the WeChat watch version, and you will be prompted to view them on your mobile phone. In fact, the picture is only displayed on the watch as a very small thumbnail, which cannot be enlarged or reduced. If the picture is too complicated, it will not be clear. So the watch can only let you know that a picture of what it is about has been sent. Here comes the important thing! What if I received a voice message? The WeChat Watch version will load the voice message and automatically convert the voice to text for display. Whether it is a received voice message or a voice message sent by yourself, it can be played on the watch, but it is too strange to hold the watch to listen to the voice. in conclusion. The messages that WeChat Watch Edition can receive and display include text, image thumbnails, WeChat emoticons and voice. For the sent positioning content, the text part of the positioning can be displayed, but the map cannot be displayed. For videos and custom emoticon content, you will be prompted to receive video or emoticon information, which can be viewed on your phone. It is also not possible to transfer money or grab red envelopes, and you will also be prompted to view it on your mobile phone. Also, the WeChat Watch version does not support voice calls and video calls at all. When initiating or receiving a call request, you will also receive a prompt to operate on the phone. This is probably the function design of WeChat, because Huawei Watch itself supports answering and making calls. So, how to reply after receiving the message? There are only three options. First, the reply interface has a green button for publishing a voice message, and the operation is no different from sending a voice message on a mobile phone. The second is to quickly reply to text messages, the contents of which are provided by the system, such as "OK" and "I know". The third is the expression, but it can only be brought by WeChat. Finally, from the moment the watch has WeChat, the original WeChat payment function of the watch will disappear. Instead, you need to open the WeChat interface first and then open the payment QR code, which is a little more cumbersome. So, what do you think of the new WeChat Watch Edition features? It basically solves the three types of information of text, pictures and voice, and can reply through the watch, which is probably most of the content of our daily use of WeChat communication, and there are still some content that need to be displayed on the mobile phone, which is also Limited by the amount of content and information presented by smart devices. Compared with the previous one, which could only receive pushes in one direction, it is already a considerable improvement. It is indeed more convenient to have a watch than not to have a watch. This is probably one of the reasons why many people choose smart watches.

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