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vivo warms up X Fold+ again, and will bring upgrades in many aspects

Posting time:2023-03-26 09:30:50

vivo warms up X Fold+ again, and will bring upgrades in many aspects

Recently, vivo has officially announced that it will officially release a new folding screen mobile phone-vivo X Fold+ on September 26, and today, vivo officially released a video, this video was made by Huang Tao, vice president of vivo products, to netizens. We answered some of the questions raised by us, and revealed some highlights of vivo X Flod+. Huang Tao, vice president of vivo products, answered some questions from netizens. The question raised by some netizens was: "Why should X Fold release an X Fold+ when it is so strong? What does this + represent?". In response to this problem, Huang Tao said that in the entire X Fold series, X Fold+ is the highest version. Many users tried folding screen phones for the first time based on their trust in vivo, and X Fold+ is a return for user trust. Compared with vivo X Fold, the high configuration of X Fold+ is mainly reflected in better design, performance and experience. As for more product information, it will not be announced until the new product launch on September 26. vivo official stated in the video that vivo X Fold+ is from the perspective of product experience, and strives to bring users an experience beyond expectations. vivo X Fold+ will continue to lead the ceiling of the folding screen industry, while responding to users’ further expectations for folding flagships. In terms of software, vivo officials said that the vivo X Fold+ will adapt to more than 5,000 APPs, so as to further take advantage of the large screen of the folding screen mobile phone, and make the compatibility of the APP better, and the user experience can be better. In terms of hardware, vivo X Fold+ will be equipped with the latest Snapdragon 8+ chip, bringing powerful performance, and in terms of charging and battery life, vivo X Flod+ will also use 4730mAh battery + 80W wired fast charging + 50W wireless charging The fast charging configuration allows users to have an excellent experience of fast charging and long battery life. A series of software and hardware upgrades were born after Vivo had an insight into users' pain points, and this is also a major manifestation of Vivo's timely response to user needs. On September 26, vivo X Fold+ will be officially released, and the final upgrade points of all aspects have yet to be revealed to us at the press conference. The upgrades brought by vivo X Fold+ in many aspects are worth looking forward to by consumers.

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