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Honor Western Research Institute opens for the first time

Posting time:2023-03-26 09:51:02

Honor Western Research Institute opens for the first time

[gearbest News] A few days ago, Honor held a new product launch conference in autumn, launching Honor MagicBook V 14 notebook 2022, Honor X40 mobile phone, new Honor MagicBook X series notebook, Honor Tablet X8 and many other full-scenario products. Honor X series mobile phones have always been known for their excellent quality. At this press conference, although there was no link to drop the phone, Honor also proved the excellent quality of the X40 with the iron fist of boxing champion Zou Shiming. Moreover, the Honor X40 also passed the drop test of 1 meter height marble and simulated concrete floor. It can be seen that even with a curved screen, the quality of the Honor X40 is hard-core enough. After the Honor X40 press conference, in an interview, Zhao Ming, CEO of Honor Terminal Co., Ltd., said that quality has always been Honor's "self-esteem", and quality is the cornerstone of Honor's development, which cannot be ignored at any time. How many levels does it take to develop an X series mobile phone in the laboratory of Honor Xi'an Research Institute? On the eve of the press conference, Honor officially opened the birthplace of the Honor X series - Honor Xi'an Research Institute Laboratory for the first time. Mobile China and industry experts were invited to visit to witness the rigorous and reliable R&D and testing process of the Honor X series, and uncover the secrets behind the "hundreds of millions of word of mouth" of the Honor X series. Five laboratories to verify the quality in an all-round way. The laboratory of Xi'an Research Institute is located in Chang'an District, Xi'an, including hardware reliability laboratory, automation laboratory, antenna laboratory and other large laboratories. Each Honor X series product has to undergo hundreds of rigorous tests during the development process. How did Honor make the X series products so reliable? We found the answer in the hardware reliability laboratory. With the help of various high-tech simulation testing instruments, Honor's Xi'an Research Institute laboratory will simulate various extreme situations from life and higher than life: an incubator will test the performance of mobile phones under extreme temperatures; a salt spray test device , sand dust test device, and rain test device will continue to simulate the coastal climate, sandstorm climate, rain environment and other use conditions, to ensure that users in different use environments, Honor products are highly reliable and trustworthy. Honor X40 waterproof test In addition to the simulation and testing of extreme environments, the Honor X40 with OLED hard-core curved screen is also not afraid of falling challenges. Honor adopts strict drop test standards, and repeatedly conducts a 1-meter marble simulation drop test, a 1-meter concrete floor simulation drop test, and a random-angle drop test on the Honor X40, among which the micro-drop test will be carried out tens of thousands of times. Honor X40 can successfully pass Honor's stringent drop test standards, completely dispelling users' concerns about the fragility of curved screen phones. The Honor X40 drop test simulated sitting pressure test, as the name suggests, simulates the structural stress of the mobile phone when the mobile phone is placed in the butt pocket and sitting down. The testing process looks very intuitive, but being able to take this scenario into account and incorporate it into a KPI for product reliability is invaluable. Not only that, Honor's R&D engineers also took into account the changes in the sitting pressure of the mobile phone caused by different body shapes, different sitting postures, and even the flexibility of different fabrics, and ensured that the mobile phone has sufficient compressive strength through testing and continuous adjustment and optimization. Simulated sitting pressure test In addition to the above tests, a qualified Honor product has to undergo a total of 33 rigorous tests such as clicking, pressing, and vibration, which have created a reliable label for the Honor X series. In the automation laboratory, Glory's R&D engineers will rely on various high-tech automatic test equipment to automatically and highly simulate typical user scenarios. The fully automatic standardized test equipment will simulate the daily use of users, automatically run common software, fill and delete fragmented files, and after repeated testing and tuning, the 36-month aging rate of qualified Honor X40 mobile phones is only 1.3%, achieving long-term use as new. Entering the antenna darkroom of Honor, you can test the signal strength of the mobile phone here, simulate the Internet, download, make calls and answer calls, and get the signal data of the mobile phone in various environments and various holding positions. The consistent and high-speed signal performance of Honor X series mobile phones comes from this. The audio full anechoic chamber is mainly used to test the audio performance of Honor products. The head microphone in the middle can test the sound quality of the speaker and the radio effect of the microphone. The surrounding eight speakers will play various ambient sounds to simulate reality. Various scenes in life ensure that the audio performance of Honor products can bring users a satisfactory experience in various daily environments. Of course, in addition to mobile phone products, we also saw Honor notebooks, tablets and other products undergoing multiple tests during the visit. Quality and innovation have become the DNA of every Honor product. Honor X40: A step-up benchmark, full of sincerity The laboratory of Honor Xi'an Research Institute treats each Honor X series product with an almost paranoid rigor, making the Honor X series mobile phone a dazzling high-quality word of mouth recognized by "hundreds of millions of users" The brand-new nine-year milestone, the Honor X40, still has a high level of performance in terms of quality, and at the same time, it has a better experience in terms of screen, design, thin and long battery life. Honor X40 Honor X40 is equipped with the only OLED hard-core curved screen in the gear, and the screen design with a 45-degree golden curvature achieves a perfect balance in appearance, feel and reliability. The screen supports 1.07 billion color display, restoring the real colorful world; the hardware-level low blue light has passed the German Rheinland certification, and at the same time, it can avoid the color cast problem of the software eye-protection solution; the flagship 1920Hz PWM high-frequency dimming can reduce the Strobe damage in low light environments. The design of the Honor X40 not only inherits the classics, but also innovates and tastes new things. The new "full moon star ring" lens design not only integrates the beauty of harmony and symmetry of Chinese philosophy, but also is full of beautiful meanings; the color matching of Caiyun chasing the moon is based on "let the sky be the design". The idea is that it can present a variety of sky-like colors with the change of light angle. With a large 5100mAh battery, the Honor X40 controls the thickness of the body to 7.9mm and the weight to 172g, achieving both long battery life and lightness. The Honor X40 was officially launched at 10:08 on September 23, with a starting price of 1499 yuan. Buy the new Honor X40 on, and enjoy up to six periods of interest-free; now join the Honor flagship store membership, you can snap up the new product broken screen insurance for 9 yuan, which can be said to be full of sincerity.

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