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Qualcomm held its first auto investor conference to announce some market planning and R&D details

Posting time:2023-03-26 09:32:52

Qualcomm held its first auto investor conference to announce some market planning and R&D details

With the advancement of automobile intelligence step by step, more and more chip manufacturers have joined the automobile market and launched various products to provide better intelligent experience for automobile products. On September 23, Qualcomm announced the convening of their first automotive investor conference, and announced some important developments. In terms of the market, Qualcomm estimates that by 2030, the potential market size of the company's automotive business will grow to $100 billion, and the total valuation of the company's automotive business orders can reach $30 billion. As for past business conditions, Qualcomm also reported revenue growth in their QCT automotive business, from $975 million in fiscal 2021 to $1.3 billion in fiscal 2022 (expected revenue), a very strong growth momentum. In response to such gratifying growth, Qualcomm also raised its QCT automotive business revenue growth forecast released in November 2021, believing that revenue in fiscal 2026 will exceed $4 billion (expected revenue), and revenue in fiscal 2031 will exceed 90 percent. billion (expected revenue). In addition, Qualcomm introduced the industry's first integrated supercomputing-grade automotive SoC, called the Snapdragon Ride Flex SoC, in preparation for deeper automotive business development. Qualcomm also announced a partnership with Mercedes-Benz, and upcoming Mercedes-Benz models will also be equipped with the Snapdragon digital chassis solution. Magnus Ostberg, Chief Software Officer, Mercedes-Benz said: "Qualcomm Technologies has helped us deliver innovative solutions to consumers for many years, and a strong partnership between the two companies is essential to leading the automotive industry into an era of rapid growth and technological change. It matters.” said Nakul Duggal, senior vice president and general manager of the automotive business at Qualcomm Technologies, “We are proud to provide Mercedes-Benz with the Snapdragon Digital Chassis solution. Mercedes-Benz models bring changes, and through Qualcomm Technologies' unparalleled computing, performance, AI and safety experience, it will bring top solutions to its next-generation cars." With the series of new software and hardware products released by Qualcomm this time, I believe in the future of smart cars The market will also burst out with new vitality, bringing consumers more new choices of smarter and more comfortable cars.

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