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At present, 4 cost-effective mobile phones with excellent photos, taking into account performance and image, the key price is not expensive

Posting time:2022-12-06 02:44:29

At present, 4 cost-effective mobile phones with excellent photos, taking into account performance and image, the key price is not expensive

Nowadays, everyone has higher and higher requirements for taking pictures of mobile phones. If you have a need to change phones recently, but your budget is not high, and you want to take into account performance and taking pictures, then share the following 4 mobile phones with excellent camera performance and excellent image performance. The key price is not expensive, and smoothness is not a problem for three to five years!

The first model: realme GT Noe 3

Reference price: 2249 yuan (8+128GB version) realme GT Noe 3 is equipped with word of mouth Excellent Dimensity 8100 processor, TSMC 5nm process technology, with tempered VC liquid cooling system, with the blessing of independent display chip, the performance is very good, the rear 50 million pixel super triple camera, using custom Sony IMX766 sensor , has a 1/1.56 ultra-large bottom, supports ultra-wide-angle and macro shooting, with OIS+EIS dual anti-shake, full-pixel omnidirectional focusing technology, bringing better flagship images, the body also has a built-in 5000mAh large-capacity battery + 80W flash You don't have to worry about the power issue at all.

The second model: Huawei P50E

Low price reference: 2749 yuan (8+128GB version) because of a model that suddenly exploded after the price cut, Many people have also asked me whether it is worth buying. The appearance and configuration of the P50E are in the same vein as the Huawei P50. The appearance is very high and the image strength is outstanding. The chip has been replaced by the mainstream Snapdragon 778G processor in the mid-range machine. The performance is relatively strong in this price range. , the back adopts the Vientiane dual-ring camera module design, the rear 50-megapixel super-sensitive unit main camera, supports ultra-wide-angle and macro shooting, and is equipped with a new generation of XD Fusion Pro image engine. The image capability is at the flagship level. Appropriate, the texture in all aspects is very good, which is unmatched by many mid-range machines, and you can buy it according to your own budget and needs.

The third model: Redmi K50 Extreme Edition

Reference price: 2999 yuan (8+128GB version) Redmi K50 Extreme Edition is equipped with the latest Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 flagship processor, equipped with gaming-grade VC heat dissipation, strong performance and low power consumption, and the price is very cost-effective. The body has a built-in 5000mAh large-capacity battery + 120W fast charge, and a custom 1.5K flagship straight screen on the front supports fingerprint unlocking under the screen , as well as stereo dual speakers, X-axis linear motor, etc., the configuration is quite comprehensive, the rear 100 million pixel IOS optical anti-shake triple camera, has a 1/1.67-inch outsole main camera, and supports 120 ° super wide-angle + macro Take good-looking photos at your fingertips.

The fourth model: Honor 70

Reference price: 2549 yuan (8+256GB version) Honor 70 focuses on photography and appearance, and the chip is equipped with mainstream The Snapdragon 778G Plus processor is equipped with a 6.67-inch 1 billion-color OLED screen on the front. The large screen has an excellent look and feel, and the appearance is very high. The body also adopts a thin and light symmetrical design. It is equipped with a 32-megapixel AI sensor main camera, supports intelligent focus tracking, HDR Selfie, can intelligently retain the main character's picture, delicately handles the background and real texture, rear 50-megapixel, custom Sony IMX800 triple camera, ultra-wide-angle and macro two-in-one , AI intelligent switching, the overall photo experience is very good.

The editor has something to say

The mobile phone in the price range of about 2000 yuan is the most popular, and the performance in all aspects has made a qualitative leap, and the key price is not expensive , the above 4 mobile phones take into account both performance and image, and the overall cost performance is very high. If your budget is just in this price range, then it is right to choose these mobile phones.

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