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Ubuntu 22.10 is optimizing OpenSSH server memory usage

Posting time:2022-12-06 02:05:04

Ubuntu 22.10 is optimizing OpenSSH server memory usage

To reduce the system memory footprint of Ubuntu Linux, especially for server and container/cloud use cases, Ubuntu 22.10's OpenSSH server has switched to use socket-based activation. Ubuntu 22.10's OpenSSH daemon will only start after receiving an incoming connection request in the future, rather than running SSHD on any connection request. Saving about 3MB of system memory by not running the OpenSSH daemon until there is an incoming connection request, maybe about 5% of memory for a lightweight VM/LXD container, for an idle new Ubuntu 22.10 container Usage amount. The SSH server switched to "socket-based activation" to further simplify Ubuntu Linux in front of Ubuntu Server, especially for virtual machine and container scenarios. Canonical's longtime Ubuntu engineer Steve Langasek noted: "At Canonical, we care deeply about making Ubuntu as efficient as possible on your hardware and in the cloud, which is why this change has been made as part of a larger effort to reduce the default memory footprint of images. The default Ubuntu 22.04 LXD image at release used 65MiB of RAM, after this OpenSSH change Kinetics now uses 58MiB; more improvements are in the works to backport more secure changes to our Ubuntu 22.04 image , to increase memory usage for the maximum number of users.

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