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What is the best price to buy for the start of school? Budget 5000 yuan, Redmi Ruilong large screen notebook, high score screen, new Ruilong

Posting time:2022-12-06 01:30:13

What is the best price to buy for the start of school? Budget 5000 yuan, Redmi Ruilong large screen notebook, high score screen, new Ruilong

Recently, many small partners have been privately asking what kind of notebook is suitable to buy. It is actually difficult to answer this question, after all, they do not know the specific application scenarios. But for most people, if the budget is at the price of 5,000 yuan, there is actually a product worth considering, that is the RedmiBook Pro 15 2022. This notebook has a good configuration, a high-standard screen, and the price is relatively cheap. Although it is an office notebook, it has powerful performance and can be considered even when playing games. RedmiBook Pro 15 Ruilong Edition is a notebook based on the new Ruilong processor. It uses the Ruilong 7-6800H processor, with 16GB LPDDR5 memory and 512GB SSD. I believe that when you see this combination, you already know the performance of this notebook. The experience is definitely okay. The normal price of the notebook is 5,699 yuan, but now you can get it at 5,099 yuan, and the price will be even lower if you have Beijing consumer coupons. However, this price has to be grouped in Jingdong, fortunately it is not difficult. In terms of hardware, this year's new Ruilong 7-6800H standard pressure is very good in all aspects. Although the performance improvement of the CPU architecture is minimal, it has a powerful GPU and can even play games with a core display. And compared with the 12th-generation Core model, the energy consumption is also lower, which can guarantee the battery life. However, these are not obvious on high-resolution screen notebooks. After all, this notebook is also equipped with a large 72Wh battery to ensure battery life, and the adapter directly gives a 100W specification. Why is the specification of this laptop adapter so high? Because this notebook has a relatively power-hungry accessory - the screen. The notebook is equipped with a 15.6-inch high-resolution screen, and this resolution reaches 3200 × 2000, and also supports a high refresh rate of 90Hz. Of course, the delicate display effect of 242ppi in exchange will also make you feel worth it. The color accuracy of the notebook's screen is also very good, and it is 100% sRGB, the brightness has reached 400nits, and it also has intelligent brightness adjustment, which is really no match. In the expansion interface part, the RedmiBook Pro 15 may be a little thinner, and the notebook is a 1A2C solution, which means that the USB interface is definitely not enough. In addition, there are HDMI interfaces and card reader interfaces. This notebook adopts CNC technology, the overall processing precision is very high, and the edge is also very thin, it may really only be able to put down one USB interface. As a 15.6-inch notebook, 1.8 kg is actually not thin and light, but the processing technology is very good, and the texture is not inferior to Apple. In conclusion, with AMD's GPU advantages and high-standard screen, although this notebook is a nuclear display, it can already be suitable for most usage scenarios, whether it is used for learning or daily office work. It is quite a good choice. At this price, you can buy notebooks with the same configuration, but you cannot buy notebooks with the same comprehensive strength. From this point of view, the RedmiBook Pro 15 Ryzen Edition is very cost-effective.

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