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Game developer confirms: "Cyber ​​Shock 3" development depends on Tencent

Posting time:2022-12-06 00:09:27

Game developer confirms: "Cyber ​​Shock 3" development depends on Tencent

IT House August 28 news, according to VGC reports, Nightdive Studios CEO Stephen Kick said in an interview that the copyright of "Cyber ​​Shock 3" originally licensed to OtherSide Entertainment has been sold to Tencent and retained in Tencent. IT House learned that Nightdive Studios is the IP owner of "System Shock". Kick explained: "Tencent currently owns the rights to the third game. We only have the right to remake the first-generation game, and possibly the second-generation game." Kick pointed out whether it is now making a third-generation game. Depends on Tencent. If it were to develop a third-generation game and decide to continue, Tencent could also make more sequels to Cyber ​​Shock in the future. "I think Tencent can technically continue to do the fourth and fifth generations, but they have to make the third generation first." Currently, Nightdive is developing the upcoming "Cyber ​​Shock" remake. The game has been in development since 2016, and no release date has been announced yet. However, the game is available this week at Gamescom 2022, one of the world's three major game fairs.

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