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Does anyone really buy it? A phone with a frame that can hide a camera is here

Posting time:2022-12-06 01:26:55

Does anyone really buy it? A phone with a frame that can hide a camera is here

We reported some time ago that some manufacturers are already considering new full-screen solutions. In addition to the lift camera and the under-screen camera, they have brought a new frame camera design. Under the condition that the screen display is normal, the front The camera can also take pictures normally. However, there is no clear news on which manufacturer will launch the design, but what we can know is that the technology will debut on a new folding screen phone, and conventional mobile phones may have to wait. Just when we thought we would have to wait a long time, foreign media gave some surprises. According to 91mobiles today, Google applied for a patent related to a folding screen in June this year. The highlight is that the front camera is placed in the frame to achieve a true full-screen design. From the patent map applied for, Google's first folding screen will adopt an inward folding scheme, which is also the more mainstream method at present. However, Google integrated the front camera with aperture into the upper frame, making the frame slightly wider than mainstream products, and the upper and lower frames are basically the same. Perhaps the screen ratio will be much lower than that of mainstream products. Its secondary screen is a centered hole-digging screen, similar to the released OPPO Find N, and the internal screen size is relatively small. In fact, seeing such a plan, I personally have no feeling, mainly for the following reasons. The first is something that is often discussed: do you really need a folding screen? It is undeniable that the folding screen mobile phone is indeed a new product of technology, but in front of an ordinary mobile phone, it can actually do only a few things: watching videos on a large screen, playing games on a large screen, and split-screen on a large screen. , Large screen and light office... As a mobile device, what you do around "big" is not the biggest demand of consumers. Compared with the benefits brought by "big", I think more people need it. Is the system stable, the battery life is long enough, and the performance can be used? It is precisely these things that are the biggest shortcomings of folding screen mobile phones. Coupled with the high price, folding screen mobile phones have always been the first choice for niche players. The Google folding screen this time is just a new design on the basis of the conventional folding screen. It has not reached the state that most people are excited about, not to mention that it does not do anything. So excellent. In my case, adding a camera to the bezel makes more sense on a candy bar phone. Of course, this does not mean that there is anything wrong with Google. The update of technology must be inseparable from long-term attempts. Maybe what we think is useless now will become the most basic of mobile phones in the future?

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